Money Back Warranties has more than 5 years of experience of customer writing and academic assistance, which means that we are really well acknowledged of how to get the customer satisfied. Nevertheless, the cooperation process always may have some misapprehensions, which is why the customer might want to get the payment back.

In order to assure an honest cooperation we are providing our customers with an opportunity of getting refund for their order and opening a dispute on it. We do care about our clients and the satisfaction rate of 97, 9% confirms it. With every order, we improve our service and raise the level of customer’s satisfaction.

If you decide to open a dispute on your order, please, be ready to wait from 5 to 10 days for a solution from our Dispute Department. We need enough time to check all the points and details so to be able to present the most suitable solution to the customer.

Here are the cases when you may require refund for your order.

  • You have completed a double payment for the order or placed 2 identical orders. If you perform such actions by accident we will, surely, provide you with the full refund if you inform us about the issue right away. Please, let our customer support representative know about the double payment so they can verify the information and arrange the refund process.

  • Our company did not manage to find a writer for the order. cooperates with more than 700 writers, however, under certain circumstances, like tight time limits or very complex order requirements, we are not able to allocate a proper specialist. If this issue occurs to your order we will let you know right away and provide with the full refund for the order. Also, as the compensation we will give you a discount for all the orders with in future. In case it is not possible to find the professional for the customer’s revision you can open a dispute at our DD, which will be resolved within the shortest possible terms. However, if you open a dispute on your order we will be unable to revise the paper anymore.

  • Order’s lateness. If your paper delivery is delayed for the reason of untimely files upload by the customer or late clarification we will not be able to provide the customer with the refund for lateness. In such a situation lateness is not the responsibility of our company, thus, we ask our customers to provide all the needed information on time.

    In case the lateness for revision is our fault we will be glad to provide you with the refund, which will be calculated basing on the price difference for the next longer deadline. For instance, we can recalculate the price for your order according to 8 hours deadline if the initial deadline was 4 hours and the paper has been delivered later than 17 minutes after the deadline expiration. In case the time frame, which you set for your order primarily, was 7 days or more and the paper’s delivery is delayed slightly we will be able to provide you with 10% refund.

    In certain cases we are asking our customers to review the time frame and allow us to have an extension. If the customer agrees to give us more time we will not accept his or her claim about order’s lateness after.

  • The time limit for applying for the refund is 10 days after you have got your paper delivered. When you send the claim to DD later we will not be able to review it.

  • In case of the revision lateness the customer can apply for getting up to 15% payment issued back. If we have delivered the revised paper later than 30 minutes after the deadline, which was stated, you may open a dispute at our DD. The manager of DD will examine your case and prepare the most suitable solution. Please, note that we do not offer a universal refund solution as each case is unique and requires individual assessment.

  • The customer is not pleased with the quality of the order received. If this is a case of yours you should check more details below:

    • The first version of the paper has been delivered to the customer and was not sent to approved section yet. We will offer the client to get free and unlimited revisions or he/she will be able to claim to the Dispute department about the case. The full refund can be given in case the customer explain all the inaccuracies in details and the DD manager will verify not meeting the instructions. To elude the fraudulent activity, we need to check the dispute cases very carefully and check every single point. Thus, make sure that you indicate all the details in the email to the Dispute Department and prove your claims. The manager will review your situation individually and will offer a unique solution.
    • The client has got the last paper variant delivered and approves it. Paper’s approval is counted as the client’s satisfaction with the paper so he/she is not able to request the full refund. Only in exceptional cases our DD issues up to 30% of the payment back.
    • Order cancelation. For sure, the customer is able to request refund if he/she needs the order to be canceled. However, the amount of the refund will be different as it depends of the stage of the order’s progress. Thus, if your paper is finished when you decide to cancel the order even if the time till deadline still remains the refund is impossible. If more than half of the time frame passed you can get 30% of the payment back. In case we have allotted the writer for your paper completion and less than half of the deadline expired you can apply for getting 70% of payment back.
    • Plagiarism was detected. Paper’s originality is one of the basic principles, which we build our service on. However, sometimes the customer may claim about the similarity found in the paper. In this case we are expecting the client to send a Turnitin report or university plagiarism report as a proof. Only the mentioned reports are accepted.
    • Additional features: editor’s services, writer’s samples, writer’s category summary of the paper. Please, be notified that the only refundable additional feature is the category of the writer only in case if the writer has not been allocated so far. All other features are not eligible for money back issuing.
    • In case you have got your completed paper but wish to get refund for it you are always able to set the order on dispute. For this, you will need to send an email to our Dispute Department indicating your reasons and providing the arguments.

Our money back policies stated in here are full and accurate. We did our best to explicate them as clear as possible, however, if you need an additional explanation our support team representative will be happy to consult you regarding the questions raised.