Privacy Policy

The information, which we will possibly require during the customer’s registration or order placement:

  • The first and the last names;
  • Email address;
  • Contact phone number;
  • Country.

Nevertheless, you can always avoid disclaiming your personal details in case you prefer to stay anonymous.

The ways how we use the received personal info:

  1. We will use the customer’s personal details to create a personalized account for him/her. Once we have all your experience collected in one account we can serve you better.
  2. Website improvement is not possible without the personal details. With the tendency of making the interfaces and other website options more user-friendly, we need to get the feedbacks from our customers so to make our website as convenient as possible.
  3. Service advancement. Communication and mutual understanding appear to be the basic principles of the proper service: provide us with your feedbacks so we can develop the quality of the service delivered by our company.
  4. Transactions process. service is performed on the pre-paid basis, thus, we require our clients to pay for the product when the order is placed. Paper4college.uses the online methods of payment, which are not possible without certain personal details. Please, be sure that the payment information of our clients will never be revealed to any third parties.
  5. Staying in touch with the customer. It is vital for us to be able to keep contact with the customer as we need to inform them about urgent clarifications and materials if they are missing. Also, you will be able to get the email notifications about the transactions of the amount needed to be paid and order’s completion if the client lets us know the valid email address.

Security of the information

The absolute 100% safety and security is guaranteed to the individuals using our service. team has developed a special server, which is protected and used for the customer’s information saving. The Secure Socket Layer is the system, which we run the private, general and credit information with. After it, the customer’s information is transferred to the Payment gateway providers’ database, where it can be governed by the personnel that are authorized solely.

We do not keep the provided data on the servers of our company (including the data and materials such as private, personal, billing, general or any other).


For the task, which is saving the customer precedent experience with us, recognizing the web browser that is being used and other info, we use cookies (these are the files, which usually are accepted by the customer’s hard drive, received from the service provider). The files of cookies are being applied only after the customer gives the permission for it.

Our aim of using the Cookies in being aware of the customer’s needs and being ready to meet all the requirements providing a high quality service.

Information revealing to other parties

The customer’s personal information is absolutely in safe if you use the service of academic assistance. Please, remain assures that we never reveal the personal information of the customer to the other parties. Only the personnel that is authorized and has agreed to remain confidential is allowed to access the information of our customers.

The exceptional situation when information may be disclosed are law restrictions and company’s policies enforcement.

Not personal details and other information of customers might be disclosed to the third parties for the sake of advertising, marketing, research, surveys and so on.

We comply with COPPA

We base our cooperation with the customers on the Children Online Privacy Policy Act, which requires the company not to collect any information or accept the orders and payment for them from the individuals less than 13 years. If the person is older than 13 years only we will be able to cooperate with him/her.

Online Privacy Policy

The stated Privacy Policy does refer only to the information that was collected with the help of online means. If you send the data, details and other information with the help of the offline methods we are not responsible for it and you are performing the states actions at your personal risk solely.

Terms and Conditions

To make our cooperation with the customers safer, more understandable and fruitful we have explained the whole set of the terms and conditions on the separated special page on our website Learn all the liabilities and rejections from that section.

Agreement confirmation

The customer is deemed to confirm the agreement between and him/her once he or she visits our website and places the order.

Privacy Policy Adjustments

In case we adjust our Privacy Policy or make any modifications you can be sure that all the points will be reflected on this page.

The last adjustment of the Privacy Policy has occurred on 08.11.2015.

Our Contacts

We will be happy to clarify all the points that are needed or provide you with any other assistance needed via email, phone or live chat.