Terms and Conditions

Here you can find the main terms and rules explained so to improve your cooperation with Paper4college.com.

The terms “Company”, “We” and “Our” are used regarding the Bluebird Consulting Service.

The word “Website” we use concerning Paper4college.net.

If you come across “Customer”, “you” and “your”, please, refer these terms to the purchaser of the products offered by Paper4college.com who has placed an order and familiarized with the policies explicated at our website. The customer agrees to obey the rules, which are presented, and confirm the personal responsibility for the decisions, which he or she makes.

The notion “Product” is typically used in reference to the paper, thesis, or any other piece of writing completer per the request and instructions of the customer of paper4college.com. We deliver the products to the personal area of the customer at our website, also, we can send them via email if the customer requests it.

The term “Order” used concerning the entire info received from the order form filled in by the customer of ours. The order provides us with the requirements for the desired product. The client is the only one, who takes responsibility for the instructions being clear and full. All the orders are accepted only via order form at paper4college.com and cannot be placed with the help of other means like phone, email or live chat.

The services, which you can get from us

The customer is free to select the type of service, which is exactly needed, among the presented at our website: writing from scratch, re-writing, editing, business writing, proofreading.

We set an obligation that our customers get familiarized with our policies and terms and conditions before that make a payment for the desired product. Only after checking the restrictions, rules and liabilities the customer can place an actual order at Paper4college.com.

Accepting our Terms:

We are glad to greet our customer at the website of our company paper4college.com. Here the clients are able to familiarize with the agreement of the customer and the company, learning the notifications and rules of the service entirely.

Change, edits and deleting of Agreement

The company saves the right of changing these agreement if new requirements are implied. At any reasonable time, the new terms and changed conditions can be published. If you decide to use our service you are obligated for notification following so to be aware of the modifications and edits made.

Site and License Access

The customer is permitted to govern paper4college.com having the limited license for the access and purchasing from our company’s website. The client is prohibited from changing or editing the website of our company if he or she has not received the consent from our company’s management in a written form. We forbid reproducing, copying, selling or using for the purposes of merchantability the content from paper4college.com. If you are willing to perform the certain actions you should request the permission from our director.

For the individual wants, account information copying and downloading is not allowed.

Website information and its accuracy, timeliness and exactness

Paper4college.com did not agree to monitor if the website’s information is updated as all the info presented in here is given for the purpose of general use. The customer relies on the personal risk when using the materials presented on our website. Also, there may be some historical information found on this website so it can appear to be not actual and is updated by the company representative at the time comfortable for us. The customer is not necessarily gets notified about the updates as we are not responsible for both materials renovating and customer’s informing. The customer must be aware of the updates by his/her own.

Product description and prices

We have presented all the product prices on the special page, where you are able to make calculations for your order. There you find the prices indicated per page, which are retail, fixed and unchangeable. Although our prices have been set you can always get a discount according to our discount program in certain situations. In case the actual price for your order is different than the one, which is indicated in the order form, we will contact you right away so to inform about the wrong cost and the extra payment or order’s cancelation.

The item’s description presented at paper4college.com is not guaranteed to be free from mistakes, full and exact. We request our customers to set their orders on revision if they believe that offered product is different from its description provided initially. To learn more check the rules for revision in our Revision Policy section.

Links and framings

The customer is not eligible to use our graphic materials, including logo, images or any other content. As well, trademarks and pictures cannot be used by the customer if no company’s management decision on it has been made. We regulate all the usages of our private info strictly.

Direct and indirect actions of the third parties are not under control of our company, thus, we are not responsible for the websites which you access via hyper link from our site and their content, quality, safety etc. Also, we are not in charge for the websites that contain hyper links to the website of ours.

Hereby the customer confirms that he or she is solely responsible for accessing the third parties websites and using their content, links, their updates and modifications.

Warranties of Paper4college.com

Once the customer makes the order at paper4college.com he or she confirms being familiarized with the following conditions:

  • The sources used for the product completion are cited and referenced correctly and in accordance to the existing standards.
  • We present all completed papers formatted according to the styles APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard.
  • The company is the owner of the works delivered, which are written by the freelance writers working for our company.
  • The customer pays for the set of services by making an order: delivering, editing, proofreading, researching, and collecting the materials and info needed.
  • The client is not allowed to change, send, post, derivate or reproduce the papers received, as well as copying the content of the paper4college.com is forbidden strictly.
  • The customer confirms that the materials, which are received from our company, will be used for the purposes of research and references, and thus, must be destroyed when their usage finishes.
  • We do not allow the products to be utilized for the personal wants, distributed or copied.


This website is presented on the “as is” or “as available” basis, therefore, the customer relies on the personal risk only while using it. Our company has a right to limit the access of the customer to paper4college.com because of the reasons, which are considered valid, and at the time, which is reasonable for us. Our company reveals the implied or express kind of warranties, also, the not restricted warranties and those, which state about noninfringing character of the material, together with warranties that were received from dealing and performance course. We disclaim the website’s access being free from errors, safe and uninterrupted, the virus-free character of the website and the server used, also, the materials presented being full, update and valid. All the material downloads are happening at the customer’s risk. Thus, the customer takes the responsibility for the damage of data, computer or any other systems reasoned by this website usage. We do assure that materials usage is safe but the damages caused by any activity of the customer do not depend on our responsibility.

Rights of the Corporate Intellectual Property

Here the customer confirms about his interests (including those that are not limited to rights), interests and titles are governed by the Rights of Intellectual Property and the site possesses them, so the customer is not able to buy any of the rights, interest or title with the exceptions of those only, which are explicated in the Agreement. The customer verifies that no modifications of the website’s materials will be done and no actions according to the documentation and software for the purpose of the similar service establishment will be performed.


When you make a purchase at paper4college.com you verify that no information received from our personnel or clients will be disclosed to any third parties. We own the information provided entirely.

From our side, we assure that customer’s information will remain absolutely confidential and will never be revealed to any other parties.

Rights Non Assignment

We do not allow our customers to reassign the rights for their account to any other party while the company is able to allot this Agreement to any party at any time, which is reasonable for us.

Non Waiver

After the customer enters the website, orders the product or just reviews the presented material of our company this Agreement comes into force.

Resignation made by any of the parties of any facility contravention will be taken as the resignation for contravention occurred in past or future of the same or any other facility.

Terms Severability

Lest any of terms and conditions facility is deemed as incorrect or unenforceable according to the judicial decree or decision, this facility will be considered for the purpose of application only to the highest level, which the law permits. Residue of these Terms and Conditions has to be lawful conferring to what it is meaning.