Revision Policy

Convenient and fruitful cooperation is what does its utmost for. We understand how important is to meet the customer’s expectations and, thus, we try hard to adhere to all the instructions, which were provided. However, in some cases perfection can be achieved only with the help of refinement, therefore, we have developed a revision policy so our customers can get free and unlimited revisions for the papers received.

Every customer of has an opportunity to get his/her product revised within 10 days after it has been delivered.

Check the key settings of our revision policy below:

  1. Comments for revision. When you are sending the commentaries to the writer to fix your paper, make sure that they are undermining those instructions, which were given in the order form primarily. In case the revision instructions are not corresponding to the prior ones we will request the customer to pay extra charge for revision.

  2. Requesting revision. Revision request has become simple as never before: just send the message to your writer with the points,, which should be fixed, and the time frame. Be sure to get the response from support or the writer within the shortest time.

  3. Time for revision request. We provide you with a really good time for requesting the paper to be fixed – you have 10 days for it with Please, manage your time wisely as after the term of 10 days revision will be payable.

  4. Writer change. The customer has a unique opportunity to get his or her work done by a different writer. If you are not sure that the person, who was first assigned for your paper completion, can complete it perfectly you can ask the support team to assign a different writer. Just make sure that you have valid reasons for it and at least 3 revisions with the first writer took place.

  5. Money back option. The customer is only able to open a dispute on the order when at least one revision is performed for the order with 4, 8 or 12 hours deadline and minimum two revisions for the longer-deadlines orders. Please, take your change to refine the paper for free.

  6. Revision time limit. In order to fix the papers effectively we need a proper time frame, thus, we have set the minimum deadlines for revision. The shortest time for revision performance is 2 hours for the urgent orders and 3 hours for the orders with longer deadlines. Sometimes, we ask the customer to extend the time limit for revision: in this case the customer is not eligible for requesting refund for the revision lateness.

  7. Lateness of revised paper. You are not able to request your money back if your paper’s revision has been delayed. Remember that if you start a dispute on your order we will not be able to revise it anymore.

We tried our best to cover all the points and possible cases in the revision policy presented on this page. However, if any question arises do not hesitate to contact our support team members for clarification. We will gladly assist you at any time that is comfortable for you.