Applying for a High Position: 10 Qualities of a Real Leader

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If earlier, to be considered a leader, it was enough just to gather people around you, convince them of something, and take responsibility, the modern society dictates the higher demands. You need to set an example, inspire, educate and, at the same time, be as possible close to the people as well as to your team. What should be the modern leader? We have chosen 10 qualities, although we are sure that there can be much more.

Useful Pieces of Advice for Future Writers

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Try to ask other people “How can one become a writer? What is required for this?” The overwhelming majority will answer that it is, for sure, a literary talent. So, what is a talent? Innate gifts? To some extent, yes. However, as an absolute hearing does not make a person a musician, in the same manner, natural abilities to literature will not make the author a Master.

Amuse Yourself Working on a Seasonal Job

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Did you dream about traveling, still, various circumstances always arose on your way? Then, we have good news for you. Today, there is no need to have the higher education or “a fat wallet” to discover the world. All you need is already with you! These are two hands and an enormous desire to work and communicate.

How to Find Your Unique Way to Be Happy in the Process of Education

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I have a huge circle of friends and acquaintances; around five people are the closest. But none of them knows when something bad happens in my life, whether it is a painful break-up, problems in the university, or the stress because of combining work and study. Rather, they certainly learn about everything, but later, when the heartache is over and I can more or less calmly talk about my misfortunes.

Cancer – Is This an Over of the Study?

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Life is full of various problems. Some of them are as easy as a pie and the others happen to be a challenge to overcome. One of such issues is an illness. As we know, when we have the health problems, other things become insignificant. There is no other thought except for your trouble. Day-to-day activities, work, and study take a back seat.