How to Write a Research Report. Part 2


Obviously, ideas of every scientist are subjective to a certain extent. Therefore, it will be a good idea to clarify some background biographical information of a person who carries out the research. Why do we need this? This will be a good intention to show potential sources of prejudices and bias and give a reader the understanding of how to evaluate the received results.

How to Write a Research Report. Part 1


If you have carried out practical research, you will need to write a report on it to present your results. Empirical study reports are very different from theoretical survey reports. And here we will tell you how to complete it properly and without common flaws. You can always order similar reports on

Avoid Being Lazy: Get All Your Assignments Done on Time. Part 2

People Walking

Yes, having fun may also be a cure for laziness! Going out with friends who can share their interests and achievements may become motivating for you to start acting! Try to get acquainted with active people who are aimed at changing the world, and they will share their enthusiasm with you. You can also suggest your help in a certain project they are working on. Not only will you learn how to be motivated from them but also feel useful.

Student Tips. Simple Things to Reach Success. Part 2

Quotes About Success

Very successful people are also very persistent and determined to succeed. They will absolutely keep going and they have this hunger for success, not necessarily the financial one. They want to achieve their goals and to make sure that their expectations become reality. They want it more than they fear to fail. That is the key here: when you really want something, fear or those “what if?” questions will not stop you anymore.