The Example of Writing a Book Review

Student Reading Book

Many of us are in love with the literature. It is some kind of a hobby that makes us forget about the everyday problems and dive into the magic imaginary world. Students all over the world attend literature classes. One of the task there is to make a book review or report. Honestly speaking it is not difficult, but for someone that can be a serious challenge.

A Short Pirates History Research

A Pirate

Pirates are sea moss-troopers specialized on robberies of merchant ships, ports, and even small coastal towns. We can subdivide them into free pirates who rob weaker or equal sailors (gentlemen of fortune) and mercenaries who rob those who are currently at war with an employer (privateers, buccaneers, corsairs, filibusters, etc.). The Pirates flourishing took place in the era of sailing ships (end XV – middle XIX centuries). Its apogee was at XVI – XVIII centuries and just then the classical and popular subject’s image came up. These times will be described here.

Antique Greek Literature – General Information

Greek Statuary

When people ask why they should get acquainted with an antique Greek literature they often are answered that it has become a basis for all the European literature and that is true. If you are fond of literature or you simply like to read, Ancient Greek literature is a must-read because it is interesting and breath-taking. The second reason is that this literature considers to be classical and you never know when you will need such a knowledge.

How Sport Can Change the Way Your Brain Functions

Businessman on Track

Swedish scientists are sure that good football players are smarter than those who do not play football and that the number of goals scored and successful passes in football depend on cognitive abilities. This discovery surprised many as far as it is not a secret that the words "sport" and "intelligence" are quite opposite concepts that can be hardly called synonyms. At least that was believed so for many years. And, it seems, in vain because doing sports has a beneficial effect on the human brain.

Renowned Writers and Their Way to Glory

Old-Fashioned Typewriter

Everyone has his/her own creative destiny. But to learn from the mighty will never be superfluous. We looked at how the classics of world literature achieved success. Of course, every case is particular, but you can trace several movement directions to recognition. Let us look at the pros and cons of each case impartially. Of course, do not regard this as a guide to action, but draw conclusions. Perhaps this will save you from mistakes.