Workaholism: Ways to Deal

Working Overtime

In the modern world, it is accepted to work hard and even to take work home. Hard work is appreciated by many employers and considered an essential quality for success. However, on the way to the career Olympus, diligence is often transformed into a kind of dependence on the work. One begins to devote all his or her time to business, staying in the office until late at night, and even spending the night there. From this situation, there is only one way out – to deal with workaholism!

Never Be Broke: Manage Your Budget Wisely

Student and Money

Are you the best student on your course writing essays all nights long, getting all A’s but still short on cash? Or, maybe, you do not pay too much attention to studies because you prefer to build your career while studying a college, however, this does not give you an opportunity to be well-off. You might be surprised, but I can assure you that in both cases your bank account has a chance not to be overdrawn. Do you want to know how? Read this article attentively and remember the basic principles used by rich people all over the world. 

Try to Help Your Memory

A Woman with a Book

While studying, many students complain of poor memory. It is often difficult for young people to remember a large number of formulas and scientific terms. Especially, this question becomes imperative during the examinations. That is why many students are simply unable to learn a lot of information. Now we will show you some techniques that will be very useful for you if you want to improve your memory. These techniques are very effective. We hope that they will help you to learn new information and to have good marks on exams.

Foggy English Humour in Details

English Public Call-Box

Why English humour is invariably associated with the British one, where to learn the skill of sharp jokes, since when do Englishmen consider humour their outstanding national feature – these and many other questions are answered. It lives in books, films, everyday life, and our article. It is Its Majesty English Humour.