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Service Update

Hello everyone and thank you all once again for staying with Paper4college.com! Our team is happy to share some great news with our customers and readers! Your trust and support have significantly contributed to development and improvement of our custom essay writing service. With your valuable assistance, we have managed to create one of the most requested and reliable writing companies, which has been receiving thousands of various orders for just a few years of its existence on the market. So, we believe it is time to let all our customers as well as the readers of our blog know about our latest achievements and updates.

Here we go!

  • Firstly, we would like to remind you once again about the whole range of services available on our website and draw your attention to the new features some of them have acquired.
  • Secondly, we would like to highlight the results of our recent research on the topical customers’ requests, requirements and expectations. We want you to know that we regularly check the latest changes and tendencies in the work of online writing services, and do our best not just to follow them but also to come up with completely new ideas and bring these ideas into life.
  • Thirdly, we would like to introduce to you the new members of our professional team and mention how their conscientious work has benefited to the quality of our performance. In addition, we will tell you about the innovative principles of our company’s team building and the visible results of their recent implementation.
  • Fourthly, you will be able to find out more about the latest upgrades to the procedures of checking originality and general quality of the texts completed by our writers.
  • In the end, we are going to reveal some interesting and useful features of our blog for you to know more about why and where it could stand you in a good stead.

Prologue or A Few Words About All of Us

Even if this is your very first visit to the website like ours and your first meeting with the services you have just discovered on it, we are sure this all is not a very big curiosity for you. What can you see after you follow one of the links offered to you by almighty (or almost almighty) Google? Obviously, if you were searching for a reliable custom essay writing service, you were expecting to come across a variety of options, which would include ordering different types of school and college papers. However, usually that is only a small part of what a really good company has in its arsenal. Let’s dig deeper!

We Are Professionals

One of the world’s most famous philosophers said that when everybody did what they were really skilled at, the society would achieve peace and harmony, which people have actually desired for many hundreds of years already. We decided to take this philosophy as the principle of our work when we were just starting. And today our customers and all members of our professional team, veterans and newcomers, can see the fruit of its successful functioning.

We Are Enthusiasts

The first adjective which comes to mind most of the times when somebody of us describes our team is the word “enthusiastic”. Indeed, we all consider ourselves true enthusiasts when it comes to the job we do, and that is what, we guess, helps us succeed. Besides, one of the greatest advantages we have today is the practice to share duties among different specialists. Speaking roughly, it means that writers write, editors edit, software developers develop software, and the Support Department provides round-the-clock support for all customers without exceptions.

We Are Optimists

We believe that there can be a reasonable and positive solution for any situation. Of course, finding it at the right time requires dry wit and quite rich experience (plus a little bit of plain luck sometimes), but don’t you think that the two mentioned components can be considered those very criteria which define the general quality of the work? Well, what we can definitely assure you of is the fact that when you entrust your assignment to us, you will get it completed right when you need it and just how you need it to be done, with all the standards met and requirements followed. Besides, our custom essay writing service has become even more flexible to any kind of circumstances which may influence the customer’s initial instructions. So, whatever happens, you can be sure that your order will be completed properly.

A Minute of News: Explore Our Services

List of Services

We are sincerely proud to claim that on this website our customers have a possibility to explore the wide range of writing and editing services of prime quality. Numerous orders, which our friendly support team receive 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, are processed quickly, effectively and faultlessly. By the way, the last company’s report has showed that within three years of our work there was no mistake with delivering orders.

You can check all types of papers provided by our company when you open the special order form. Please click on the “Order Now” buttons at the top or at the bottom of the page in order to do it. Besides, our support team are always ready to consult you and give you more detailed information and instructions. 

As you find the form, you will see that we offer 2 types of writing services and 3 types of editing services. In order to make it easier for you to orient yourself among their variety, we are going to describe their major peculiarities and, of course, mention their updates. So, let’s check on more details!

Writing Services: Academic and Business Texts

These are two main categories of papers which you can order with our custom essay writing service today.

Academic papers include every possible type of high school and college writing assignment in any subject. By the way, it is more convenient to look for the discipline you need as they all have been divided into several groups according to the field of study. Also, you can choose the academic format you need from the range at the bottom of the form

Business texts include special papers which are mostly required when applying for a job. Besides, even if you plan to go somewhere as a volunteer, you still may need a CV or some other paper of such kind. We can also provide you with cover letters, resumes and other business contents, depending on what exactly you need them for. In order to craft such papers according to the requirements of standard formatting and general composition, we would ask our customer to send us the additional data or some outlines for the ordered business paper, so that the information in it represented the real facts.

Editing Services: How We Edit, Proofread and Rewrite

The first thing we would like to highlight is the fact that these services imply reviewing and correcting customers’ own papers or drafts. So, if you choose one of them, make sure that you add the required file as well. Still there is no need to worry in case you forget to do it: you will receive the special notification from our Support Team reminding you that you should upload the file which requires either proofreading, editing or rewriting.

On the hand, if you order the academic or business paper, you can be 100% sure that it will be written from scratch only. Below we will tell you more about it.

3 New Know-Hows We Want to Share with You Now

Give Me Five

We have been constantly working on the improvements of those essential aspects of our writing service which, if speaking metaphorically, depend greatly on the whims of time. What we mean here is the absolutely obvious fact that when every day of your life and work brings something new and better into this world, even if it is just an idea and not a real material object, it is extremely important to follow such novelties and try to implement them or some of their features into the style you live and work. We know it all better that anyone else, as we are directly connected with probably the most fast-developing sphere of human activity. That is the IT sphere, or simply the World Wide Web.

So, in order not to be too verbose, we will draw your attention directly to the main know-hows we have developed recently, which help us keep the pace with all contemporary and regularly updating online things quite successfully. Besides, we know that our customer does expect and deserve the best custom essay writing service possible. That is why you may be interested in the way we become better and more flexible. Let’s look down!  

How We Know What Our Customers Need

One of our greatest aims is to understand what is necessary to the first-time visitors of our website as well as what our returned customers expect from us. That is why we regularly carry out big research work in order to see what else we could add to the variety of options we offer. However, as the number of our customers has grown considerably, we have been faced to the necessity of looking for the brand-new methods studying our users’ needs and preferences, and even creating these methods ourselves.

Have we managed it? Yes, we have! And now we can:

  • analyze the frequency of customers ordering different papers: this enables us to find the suitable writers more quickly and hence increases the chance that your order can be completed even a little earlier that the deadline you have set;
  • predict the changes in user tendencies and interests, which relate to our sphere of activity, and hence meet the highest expectations of our clients regarding their orders or the general quality of our service;
  • provide even more security to our website’s visitors and their personal data as well as to keep in touch with all our customers 24/7 without the smallest probability of any flaws.   

How We Form Our Strong Team

Team at Work

In several months we have doubled the large number of our team members! However, it was not as easy as it may seem at first sight. The thing is that we have significantly upgraded the system of tests, and not just for all newcomers, but also for all current writers, editors and Support Department representatives. At the same time, such innovation allows to control and increase the level of our team’s professionalism on a regular basis. Let’s have a quick look through the main features of different types of our company’s new tests.

  • The writers should prove their competence in the field of study which is their major (for example, in economics or chemistry), so they must pass the specially designed test dedicated to the particular sphere of science; in addition, they must complete any type of paper, assigned randomly, on a popular topic.
  • The editors must also complete a paper with the requirements mentioned above; besides, their knowledge of grammar and punctuation is checked with the range of complex exercises.
  • The Support Team members are tested both theoretically and practically: after the theoretical part, we model different situations for them and check how well they can solve them. 

We have also implemented the truly effective team-building strategies, which involve group discussions and resolving of the modelled cases; brainstorming activities and creative group tasks; special courses and seminars which give our guys the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and improve their skills, etc.

How We Improve Our Quality & Reduce Your Stress

We claim to be a self-respecting custom essay writing service, so we strive for providing every customer with the original paper of premium quality. At the same time, we want our customer to know for sure that they will receive our support and assistance whenever they need it. This is how and why we succeed:

  • we advocate individual approach to each client;
  • all papers of our writers are checked for the quality, style and uniqueness by the editors;
  • our software developers have worked out the phone verification system which eliminates the probability of mistake in customers’ phone numbers and hence makes our interaction with you easier;
  • we also use the specially developed software to check the originality of the completed assignments which does not save the text content; it means that you can be absolutely sure of the successful Turnitin report for your paper when you order it with us.

One More Minute of Blog: Discover Its Beauties Today

Certainly, we cannot but say a few words about our Blog and how helpful it may turn out to be for you. Topics for the articles (by the way, they are crafted by the most experienced writers, who have the best test results) are chosen according to the data we receive after analyzing the most frequent questions and requests as well as customers’ assessments concerning the recent posts. So, the Blog will:

  • help you with your study as you can find a lot of interesting and useful facts in our articles;
  • entertain when you need to relax a little and get a good portion of positive news;
  • inspire you when you feel not that optimistic and provide you with some nice advice.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for staying with Paper4college.com!

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