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Is Writing Down Lectures Good for You?

Writing at lecture

Handwriting, seriously? You might say “Hello, it is the 21st century!” Almost everyone has a laptop, especially students. Given that technologies and computer industry are rapidly developing and producing companies are in competition, prices on modern, stylish, light, powerful laptops are reasonable. Such a device combines notebooks, textbooks, a calculator, provides you with an access to the Internet and has a lot of other useful functions. So, why not to use only it? Why would students carry notebooks, papers, pens and pencils for writing down lectures instead of one laptop considering typing is faster than handwriting? There are a few reasons.

How Can a Student Build a Solid Network?

People network

Approaching a person at a meeting or a party because you want to communicate, socialize, and get their contacts (because you know for sure that this person will be useful in the future) is a dangerous move. If you`ve ever watched wildlife documentaries where a TV-presenter is approaching a predator or a poisonous reptile, it`s practically the same thing. You need to seem friendly and harmless if you don`t want to get eaten up alive by your own anxiety. There are crazy people who say that meeting some new pals is fun. Oh, these are just extraverts, total weirdos. However, whether you like it or not, you`ll still have to build a network while being a student.

Homework Procrastination: Handling the Issue

Concentration on work

The hardest part of doing a job is to start it. When we start doing homework, our brain, first of all, thinks about the most uncertain and complicated part of the task. That is why it seems to be very difficult. In such a moment we are easily distracted by outside noise, phone calls, messages, the internet, etc. In a nutshell, we do not feel ready enough for work. We have a lack of motivation. We waste minutes, hours, days, even weeks, but nothing changes, we do not become ready. There is bad news. If we keep on waiting, nothing is going to happen.

10 Idioms Every Non-Native Speaker Should Use in the Essay


Have you ever watched a TV-show or talked to the English native-speaker and thought: “Wow, what is that even supposed to mean? I did not see that coming!” By “that” we mean a phrase, a word-combination which seems clear when you chop it into words, you know the meanings of these words! However, when you put them back together, it`s all just ridiculous and obscure. Idioms are a golden treasury of every language. And only if you use them in abundance in your daily conversations and essays, you may actually sound like a native speaker.