How to Know What You Want? Tips on Revealing Your True Aspirations

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In such a big world like ours, it’s quite easy to get lost while choosing your own right way and decide which of numerous opportunities you want to and can take. So often might your nearest and dearest talk about how vitally important it is to find yourself and live your long life happily. However, hardly anyone has ever told you what exactly you should do in order to accomplish these standard tasks, which are believed to be set for each human being as soon as it comes into our world.

Mostly, you’re taught things that can help you literally survive in the society. No doubt, the knowledge and skills you acquire as a child and teen often stand you in good stead during your whole life. Hence now you can be absolutely sure of a few particular things.

  • If I want to please my parents, I must behave myself.
  • If I want to get along with my professor well, I must do my homework and hand it in on time.
  • If I want to finish my study successfully (more or less), I must stay motivated and persistent.
  • If I want to have a great career, I must work hard on myself.

And so on and so forth. Except these four guidelines, there are certainly loads of other different things in your life that constantly require your time, attention, efforts and abilities. On the other hand, there’s only one you among this jumble, with your two arms, two legs and one single head to make it all out. Gradually, you start to realize that your parents, your friends and your favorite teachers are helpless even just to prompt you what you should do first, to say nothing of their providing you with the smallest piece of advice on how to do it.

Well, roughly speaking, once you’ll finally find yourself all alone with your choice in the middle of the huge crossroads. At this moment, you’ll probably regret that you don’t have Hermione’s Time-Turner in order to be in several different places and do a few different things simultaneously. You may also feel rather powerless to take any further steps in any direction. You may realize that you aren’t able even to make yourself want something, and all your dreams may seem senseless.

No, no, don’t give way to the pangs and fury of your despair. Such state of your mind and being means that it’s time you mulled over what you really want. After you decide on it, you’ll be able to see the right ways to get it.

What Should You Ask Yourself Now Before It’s Too Late?

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When you need to find a satisfying answer, you should first come up with a right question. However strange it may sound, you’d better avoid applying to such abstract notions as happiness or success, as well as to queries like “where to find someone who could do my homework for me”. Alright, the last was a joke.

Speaking seriously, happiness and success are great ideas, but quite weak motivators, because no one has even seen them in the flesh. Nonetheless, they name the endless range of taken opportunities and personal achievements which are usually more real and tangible.

So what you should do is to ask yourself practical questions that can be directly related to your everyday routine and all its bothering issues. Write them down on a sheet of paper, so that you could see clearly what gives you no rest, and draft a few possible ways out. Later you can come back to them with some ready solutions or effective strategies.

Should I Listen to What My Parents Say If I Don’t Think That Their Advice Is Really Helpful?

This might be the most difficult dilemma of all: to listen or not to listen to your parents’ opinion regarding the way you should live your life. This opinion can include everything from the price of the sneakers you want to buy to the choice of the faculty you will study at.

“Your parents know better”, that’s what you may hear from them. However, they may not know for sure, because they don’t communicate with your friends who plan to travel the world and not to study economics, for example. They may not have any idea of the resources and opportunities which you’re interested in and which you are going to use.

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Let your parents know where your aims and inspiration for them come from. Show them the website where you found the international program that you want to take part in. Or suggest them to help you find out more about the company you want to work in. Involve them into your plans and interests. Make them see that it is only you who can know what road to take.

How Should I Make Myself Do My Homework If I’m Not Interested in the Subject?

You know, some say that there are no useless or uninteresting subjects, but there are teachers who can’t prove this idea to their students. Consequently, the reason why a student doesn’t like a subject lies in the fact that he or she doesn’t actually like a teacher or this teacher’s methods of presenting the subject and testing the students’ achievements.


No, you can’t change the person who teaches you. You’d better not try, really. However, you can change your attitude to the subject. Teach yourself what you think your school or college can’t.

Fortunately, nowadays the Internet provides its users with lots of information sources and materials on any topic. Just google what your home assignment refers to, and you’ll find even more than you can imagine.

You should remember that there can never be an excess of knowledge and experience. Each piece of any extra information can appear to be vitally useful though you can never predict exactly when. Anyway, you’ll be glad you know it.

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What People Should I Choose to Make Friends with, And Is It Right to Do So?

At first sight such concern may seem too selfish: choosing people for friendship smells slightly of self-interest. On the other hand, what do you think about these centuries-old and time-tested words of the wise: one is known by the company one keeps? Don’t they motivate to be careful and demanding when selecting those who you can confidently call your Friends?

In order to avoid misunderstanding about new acquaintance and connections, let’s clarify two very significant issues:

  • Firstly, making new friends doesn’t mean that you’ll have to reject your old ones. When you meet new people and succeed in building good relationships with them, you extend your worldview and therefore develop your personality. What is more, new people usually come into your life when you find yourself at its new stage. Sometimes they can really understand you better because, unlike your old friends, they see the person who you are at this very moment, and their support or consolation appears to be more necessary and effective.
  • Secondly, you definitely shouldn’t select your friends basing on the principles like “this is the right guy to do my homework”. Of course, it’s a childish example, but the idea should be quite clear. There’s no place for just one-sided benefit of what we call healthy friendship, because it’s all about taking and giving back. Remember that friendship isn’t a contract, but a free and voluntary agreement on mutual understanding and support.


Choose those who help when you really can’t manage it alone, whatever it is. Look for those who can teach you new things which you’ve never heard or thought about before. Don’t be afraid to make friends with new people, as they can help you find what you’ve been abortively looking for.

So How to Understand What You Really Want to Find?

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The questions above were to shed the light on some aspects of your life that have, probably, the most significant impact on the steps you must take and the decisions you must make every day.

Today you’re offered an extremely wide range of opportunities. At the same time, you also have your own particular interests and dreams. So, definitely, the ideal case is when you can find that very chance which will help you achieve your aims and make your dreams come true. The main question is how to make out what your aims and dreams really are.

Make It Clear for Yourself What You Certainly Don’t Want

It’s very important to decide what definitely isn’t your cup of tea. Exclude those things which you never get any satisfaction from, but don’t hesitate to include those which you’ve never tried yet though you guess they might be interesting for you. At least, when standing at the crossroads, you will know for sure which way you don’t want to go.

“Then, for example, can I exclude doing my homework?”, you may ask. Well, the answer “no” is more probable than “yes”. Besides, you know it as it is. So, we’ll agree on the fact that prompt completing of your homework is one of the means to achieve something you’re striving for. Let it be successful graduation, for instance. This is what you certainly can’t exclude, isn’t it?

Pay Attention to Your Hobbies

Your hobby may mean a lot for you. This is something special which you can find your comfort in, and feel the power of your knowledge and skills. So it may be this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Find out more about how you can introduce your achievements to others, share your own experience with and learn more from other people.

Make a Habit of Learning Something New

It doesn’t actually need to be connected to your study or job, if you have one. The latest novelties of computer technologies, modern art works, music, new foreign language and just anything that you can search for on the Internet counts. The new information will help you not only to follow what’s happening in the world around you. It will also bring some fresh air to your mind, bothered by your everyday routine, and inspire you to something that you might never think of before.

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Make Yourself be Sociable

Communication is a vitally necessary thing. In order to be sure that your own world can never lack it, look for the opportunities to study or work with those guys who can share your hobbies, interests and, probably, even, life goals. Participate in various events and programs, join clubs, go volunteering. This can help you meet new people, learn new things and open new horizons of your reality.

Write Your Special Diary

Many psychologists support the idea that writing can help you put your thoughts together, relieve your stress and, consequently, lift your spirits up. By the way, writing a diary is considered one of the easiest and most effective ways for a person to analyze its past and present as well as to come up with new ideas or solutions for the future.

All you need to do in the beginning is to get a nice notebook and keep a regular record of things that are important for you. You can also use it to make your daily schedule or to-do lists. Be creative and fill your diary up with some pictures, photos, or some little things that are very significant to you.

For example, you can draw cute trolls next to the “do-my-homework time” to let them cheer you up every time you do another home assignment.

P.S.: Praise Yourself for Your Attainments

Don’t forget to treat yourself with something pleasant each time after you completed a difficult task or succeeded with making another step towards your aim.

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