Inspiration: Why You Should Never Disregard It

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Probably, one of the biggest paradoxes of the human nature in general and of the human mind specifically is that we almost always acknowledge and therefore focus on material things and processes paying hardly any attention to the what we can’t see with our eyes or hear with our ears. No, that’s not about ultrasound or radio waves. These are scientifically proven phenomena which can be recorded and measured by special equipment though can’t respectively be heard or seen by people.

Yet we’re going to talk about more elusive something that relates to human consciousness and may be still waiting for scientific research-based explications. Nevertheless, the fact that it is one of the integral parts of human life in all its forms can’t be denied. It is something that we live with, that we can feel and even describe sometimes. However, rarely do we pay attention to the considerations about it, which may be evoked by our feelings and emotions. We just experience the latter without analyzing where they may take their roots from and how they may influence on us.

So, what can we correlate with the reflections above? What feature of our minds and souls turns out to be so complex but significant? How can we define it and what role it plays?

Well, if you or your friends have once thought about how to buy essays online because there was hardly any idea strong enough to make you write the paper yourselves, or if you have ever written some poetry yourself, you might have already caught the thrust of this article.

Whatever, we’ll speak about inspiration and make out what it really is and why it is such an essential factor for our satisfaction, success and even happiness. Below we’ll try to answer a few questions in order to shed some light on this amazing mental phenomenon of our consciousness.

What We All Know About Inspiration

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On the one hand, we all have some general ideas about what it may mean to be inspired. We know that inspiration is a very palpable sense, so we can always realize clearly whether we have it or not. However, it’s not that easy to monitor where this sudden sense comes from and to understand why it appears to be so difficult to retain. We’ll discuss these issues further and make an attempt to reveal the secret mechanisms of inspiration.

Now let’s think what we can say about this sense in simple words.

  • Inspiration is mostly associated with creativity, that is with literature and different arts.
  • Metaphorically speaking, we can consider that partly any work of any art or of literature is the result of the effect of inspiration on an author and the whole creative process.
  • The broad definition of inspiration usually implies a particular idea that orients a person towards some action. This idea is abrupt but so powerful that the action literally can’t wait. (That’s when you’re rashly looking for a pen to write down a few rhymed lines which have just come into your mind.)
  • Such inspirational idea can emerge from your impressions of a very special person, place or life experience.

These are four rather general aspects of what inspiration can mean in the context of our everyday life. However, we’ve mentioned above that our aim is to find out why it is so important for us and how it can actually help us to get what we want. So, let’s dig a little bit deeper now.

What Few of Us Know About Inspiration

We’re approaching the very core of our discussion. Here are some issues which are almost never favored with our attention but can turn out to be really helpful, and not only for writing. (Especially when you can easily buy essays online, find poems and speeches for all possible occasions or print the pictures you like.)

  • Firstly, we hardly understand why some things inspire us and other things don’t. Consequently, we don’t know where to look for inspiration when we need it badly.
  • Secondly, we can’t imagine how this sense works and how our brain generates the ideas which we can consider as the main impulses to act. That’s why we may feel quite confused or lost when searching for the right things to do and just waste our time, however sad it may sound.
  • Thirdly, we attach little importance to the role of inspiration in our lives. We often limit the meaning of inspiration to some special force which helps poets, novelists, artists or musicians to bring their creative ideas into life. However, few of us realize how essential it is to stay inspired every day in order to achieve our personal aims and to make our dreams come true.
  • Fourthly and basing on the latest point, we rarely see the connections between inspiration and motivation, healthy ambitions, desired success or satisfaction with what we do, as well as other significant aspects of our life.

So, these thoughts are to help us to penetrate the real nature of inspiration and come up with some really great and practical decisions on how to find it, use it and benefit from it.

Seeking Inspiration: Tips from the Greats

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We’ve just mentioned that it’s important to make sure that you know what can inspire you. The variety of such inspirational factors, taking into account their combinations as well, is endless and depends on what kind of person you actually are. Here we want to share with you a few fascinating stories about how the world-famous writers, composers and other greats looked for and did find their inspiration. Despite the fact that modern students have a nice opportunity to buy essays online as well as assign other writing tasks to professionals, still you may find some of the following tips rather handy. Let’s go!

Honore de Balzac and Coffee

It is said that before starting to write another work, the famous French novelist and playwright needed to drink 5-7 cups of coffee. The rumors claim that the total number of cups the writer drank during all his lifetime is about 50,000!

Richard Wagner and His Dog

Richard Wagner was a prominent German composer. One of his best-known works is the opera “Tannhauser.” Wagner is said to rely on his pet preferences when creating his immortal masterpiece. His spaniel Pep had his own place near the piano, at which the opera was composed. If the dog didn’t like the music, Richard Wagner had to alter it again and again until Pep “approved” the final variant.

Benjamin Franklin and Cheese

One of the American Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin was also known as a great foodie. He loved Parmesan cheese, and some say that a plate of it was always on his table when he was working.

These are a few funny examples of what inspiration can be drawn from. Frankly speaking, today we can only guess whether they all are true or not. However, they demonstrate that your muse can actually hide everywhere. You just need to listen to yourself and hear him/her/it (everything depends on who or what usually becomes the source of your inspiration) prompting you the right way to go.

At the same time, you probably know how to deal with those cases when you realize you lack inspiration but you can’t find it nowhere. In terms of writing academic papers, for example, the situation turns out to be simpler as you can buy essays online with a high-quality service and stay sure of your grade anyway. But when it comes to your own ideas and projects, there is hardly anything or anybody really helpful except for your personal imagination and, again, inspiration.

The thing is that inspiration is a very uncertain sense. You can come across loads of diverse guidelines and suggestions for attracting it on its side, but you should remember that they aren’t universal. If you’ve really set your mind on working out the best method to attract your muse on your side, you’re likely to try many different ways before you finally find the one that suits you personally best.

Besides, it may appear that depending on your mood or some other circumstances, you need two (or even more) inspirable sources. Let’s see what you can choose from.

  • Wait for your muse or start without it: although these strategies are opposite and each of them has its supporters and adversaries, still they both work. On the one hand, some say that inspiration acts as a driving force which sets the whole process of work. On the other hand, there is an opinion that muse comes only after you start working on your book, project or whatever.
  • Solitude or crowd: while some of us may need absolute silence and peace around them in order to generate successful ideas and work on them productively, others may feel more comfortable in a crowded place like a cafe playing music or even public transport.
  • Order or mess: you may be one of those who can work only under conditions of total cleanness and absence of everything (and everyone) unnecessary around you; or you may think better when creative clutter reigns at your workplace.

Why We Really Can’t Go Without Inspiration

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Now we’ll move away from some standard ideas of the sense of inspiration and look at it from a slightly different point of view. Let’s assume that you know you can buy essays online, you still have time for your great project in physics or whatever, and your little sister can paint the picture for her tomorrow class herself. So, there is in fact nothing external that could require you to address to your muse.

Now you can face your own aspirations and dreams regardless of whether you want to become a good doctor or become the second Shakespeare. Stop for a while and think what you need to bring them all to life. Of course, your muse alone won’t be enough. You need many other material things and mental qualities, but still inspiration is one of them. Why is it so? Before we discuss the reasons, let’s have a quick look at one very remarkable example.

Arthur Evans, the Great Archeologist

Arthur Evans was a famous English archeologist who made one of the most amazing discoveries for the history of the ancient world. In the very beginning of the 20th century he unearthed the palace of Knossos on Crete, the Greek island. This building was one of the best samples of Minoan civilization, which was first discovered and studied by Evans as well.

The most interesting thing about his prominent career is that he was inspired by ancient myths which his father read to him when he was a little boy. Evans found himself so enthusiastic about investigating the world of old tales and appeared to be courageous enough to continue it.

So, this is how inspiration works. Let’s move to some other ideas.


Inspiration Motivates You

When you find something that really delights you, mainly unconsciously you start studying it and everything that it can be connected with. The process of studying this particular subject or issue makes you constantly search for new information and generate new questions and ideas in your head. As a result, once you realize that you’ve chosen the direction for your further activity and, probably, your whole life, which will also make you keep enriching your knowledge and developing your skills.

Inspiration Gives You Strength

When you feel inspired, almost nothing seems impossible to you. This feeling lifts you up and helps you to reveal your hidden talents and strengths. Even if you understand that you still lack something to achieve your aim, your muse can provide you enough wisdom to realize what it is and enough courage to go and get it.

Inspiration Makes Your Life Brighter

Although inspiration is an abstract notion, it is always connected with and based on someone or something real. Whether it is your good friend or a particular book, still these are the sources which feed your imagination, influence your thinking and make you search for something in this world.

One More Piece of Advice from Paper4College

We’ll always be glad to help you direct your inspiration on what you want to do instead of what you have to do. At any time, you’re welcome to buy essays online as well as to order other types of papers with our custom writing service!

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