Study Secrets: Stay Productive Much Longer. Part 1

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We will give you our top ten tips on how to change your lifestyle without worries and have time for all your tasks without feeling exhausted or missing other activities like hobbies and having fun with friends. You should simply believe that you can become 4.0 student and still have some time for leisure activities, entertainment and relax by changing your lifestyle and planning your day effectively. Remember that academic assistance is always near – just go to the website

Start Slow

Starting slow means being mindful of how you spend the first 30 minutes after you wake up and letting yourself just enter gradually into a new day. The way that we recommend starting slow in the mornings is to wake up, have a cup of tea, sit quietly and do some meditation, breathe deeply or just read a couple of pages of a book.

You can also imagine yourself as a journalist and record three facts which you are grateful for. Focusing on those facts is a nice way to cultivate a positive mindset in the mornings. Do not start working right away, it is really important to take some time to wake up slowly. You may be surprised, but the first 30 minutes are the most important for the forthcoming day since they will influence your clarity of thinking and ability to make decisions throughout the day.

Tech Tox

To help you ease into the day, there is a tip number two – to have a Tech Tox. It means no technology for at least first 30 minutes of your morning because if you start your day with a phone, you are probably not going to do all other things that you planned. Different things happen – you might get a text message or a phone call, you might get caught up scrolling through social media or checking your e-mails. So, it is essential not to allow these distractions to pull your focus from what you really want to achieve firstly.

Exercise Physically

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You should exercise for at least seven minutes. For example, you can use a phone app “seven-minute exercise”. The whole idea is that if you exercise for at least seven minutes in the morning, it is going to help you to combat the feeling of sluggishness and make sure that you feel really energized for the day ahead.

Start Green

The tip number four can become one of your favorite ones because it involves eating healthy food. Try to have a green smoothie in your mornings, we recommend that you have a lot of green vegetables in your usual diet. Having green smoothie is a great way to fuel your body with all nutrition it needs from the very first meal that you have.

According to the studies, the breakfast is considered to be the most influencing meal of the day because it is all about breaking the fast – you have not eaten for quite a lot of time because you have been sleeping. This is the chance you have to fuel your body with the energy it needs to get you through the rest of your day and stay productive.

So, if usually you have quite a big breakfast, then, perhaps, a smoothie will not be enough. A smoothie that we recommend you to make contains banana, kale, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barley grass as well as filtered water or rice milk. In addition to a green smoothie, you might want to make some oats, chia pudding or whole wheat toast with salmon or anything else that will make you feel good for the rest of the morning, and your energy levels will also be stable.

Pick Three Wins

List of Priorities

It can also be called your top three priorities – the great plans that will take more time throughout this day. It is essential to define points you need to complete during the specific day, and it will give you a desirable direction. If you want to do some kind of school assignment, be sure to write it down in your plan.

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