Reasons Why Students Drop Out: What Do Statistics Say?

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Nowadays, it is a typical situation when young people drop out from college or even school. Of course, this is very stressful both for students and their parents. Sometimes, a person may even start suffering from depression and cannot fight off the disappointment and sadness after dropping out. In the worst cases, teenagers have serious quarrels with their family members and have no desire to continue their education in another place. They just give up and find themselves untalented poor people. For example, a person who wants to become an essay writer but has some troubles with Math may drop out because of the bad grades for this subject. That is the reason why such teenagers feel poorly and think that they are dumb. Sure, such a mood has a negative impact on human health and well-being. Success and reaching any attainments in the life is impossible in this case. That is why it is so important to prevent young people’s dropping out of college. This is not a simple task but it is possible to cope with it. Our team analyzed the students’ statistics of dropping out. There are some interesting facts which explain the reasons why it happens. Moreover, we will offer some possible solutions to this problem in order to protect you from such unpleasant things.

Why Is It So Bad for Young People?

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First of all, we want to mention about some negative effects which dropping out has on young people’s well-being and successfulness in the life. For example, statistic shows that 82% of the prisoners in America were high school dropouts. It demonstrates that such issue really influences teenager’s future and usually it is a kind of the bad impact. Below you can find the most common consequences of dropping out and understand its harm to your life.

The Absence of Skills

School and college are places which prepare young people for the adulthood. They are taught necessary skills and reach some important knowledge there. It is impossible to live a full life in case you do not know the basic things on Math or have no idea when The American Civil War was held. This kind of materials makes you feel comfortable in the society and be able to free to talk on different topics. Moreover, some young people develop their hidden talents at college. For example, a student may discover that he is a good singer while participating in a campus event. Or he may decide to become a professional essay writer or an author of the novels because of the good marks for writing papers.

Worse Socializing

It is true that a high school, for example, is necessary to attend not only because of the knowledge and skills. It is also the way students can socialize and set a contact with people around. It teaches how to communicate with others and prevent conflicts. Thanks to such kind of education, a young person will never feel confused after graduation when the need to build relationships with other people occurs. Without any doubts, there is nothing better to learn how to socialize than schools and colleges.

Depression and Stress

There is no wonder that students get depression and stress after dropping out. They see no positive in their future and usually give up. Sometimes, these teenagers even need a professional psychologist’s help. Despair may lead to terrible consequences. Teenagers start doing robberies, abuse drugs and so on, as they are not taught about the danger of these things. Or these young people simply have no idea what else they can do in their lives.

The List of Reasons Why Students Drop Out

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So, we have explained some of the main negative consequences of dropping out. However, it is more important to know the reasons for this problem. It will let us prevent such cases and teach you how to stick out college workload without dropping out. Moreover, students usually regret making this decision to stop studying and try to change the situation later. Avoid these mistakes: just pay attention to the facts below. A specific research was held several years ago at fifteen colleges and it showed the major reasons why young people dropped out. Almost 15000 of students took part in this survey, so it is trustworthy.

Financial Pressure

The first place among the reasons of dropping out of college is taken by the financial pressure. The majority of the young people are urged to leave their educational institutions because of the lack of money. Almost 38% of the asked dropout answered that they had to quit because there were no financial opportunities to continue studying at college. It sounds pretty simple. Their parents may refuse to pay for children’s studying because a serious conflict in a family has happened, or one of them has lost a workplace and there is no possibility to pay for college anymore. On the other hand, the problem may be caused by incorrect planning of the education process. For example, a family may have enough money to pay for three terms of studying at certain college thanks to some saved money, but there is no financial opportunity to continue it and get a degree. It means that students are in a dead-end. They still cannot earn enough money by themselves to pay for their education and their family cannot financially support them anymore.

Academic Disqualification

This reason has a second place in our list. It usually happens with students, who are bad at a certain subject. For example, a person creates poor papers and has bad writing skills: it is understandable as no one has an essay writer’s talent. If some students have problems with completing writing tasks, it does not mean that all of them will drop out. Academic disqualification means that a young person has failed some significant tests or just has a low level of skills in the majority of subjects. This is the reason why 28% of the teenagers quit colleges. It happens not so often at schools as the retirements to students are not very high there. Anyway, it is very unpleasant to drop out because you cannot deal with a certain subject. In the most cases, it happens because of laziness: a teenager has no desire to spend time learning something and then gets bad grades for tests and cannot pass exams successfully.

Poor Social Fit

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The next reason implies that a student cannot fit in at college. Usually, he or she suffers from constant conflicts with fellows and may be simply alienated in the group. These young people get stress and depression because of the absence of friends and any support from other people. Sure, it is truly hard to study and live independently from your family in case you have no one to talk to or ask for help. Such students can even have negative marks because of this issue: they just have fewer opportunities to express their ideas as the majority of these teenagers are afraid to be laughed at. Almost 13% of the young people quit college because of this.

The Absence of the Family Support

It is true that students have to see through the hard times while studying at college. Lots of difficulties wait for them and not all of these teenagers can deal with these problems by themselves. In such cases, a family support is necessary. However, it happens that student’s relatives are not ready to help them in such a situation. The reason may be a great quarrel in the family. For example, when a teenager decides to work as a part-time employee and start studying worse, their parents are angry and try to urge them to leave the job. However, many young people do not listen to the adults’ advice: they work a lot and ignore their lectures and homework. They look for the ways to study less and labor more in order to earn a great amount of money. Sure, it is much easier to order college paper to be made by professional essay writer instead of writing it on your own. Anyway, a young person just cannot deal with the pressure at college and decides to quit. On the other hand, it may be the issue of finances as we explained in the previous point. Nearly 9% of the teenagers drop out of college because they do not receive any support from their family members.

Health Problems

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On the other hand, 5% of students quit college because they have some serious health problems. Sure, it does not mean that every teenager with cold or flu will drop out. However, some major diseases may cause the impossibility to study and attend lectures. It is a pity but many talented people quit because of this reason. They could become good essay writers or famous artists but health conditions do not let them continue studying. It may be a serious break in the work of the young people’s bodies: damaged nervous or immune systems or dangerous diseases, which may be transferred to other people in case of close contact. Of course, it is impossible to attend classes in these cases.

Distance from Home

Almost 5% of the students drop out of college because of the distance from home. They understand that they made a wrong choice as it might take the whole day for them to get to their native town and see the family. Of course, it provokes homesickness and a teenager cannot concentrate on their studying successfully. This is a typical situation among first-year students, which may even get a stress or depression because of far distance to their home and impossibility to see their relatives often. It seems to be the unimportant reason for dropping out. However, students may live in another town without any support.

Mental Issues

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There are also some mental reasons why young people decide to quit college and give up their studying. 3% of students do it because of such emotional issues. It is not a secret that young people usually suffer from stress and depression at college. Reasons are different: bad grades, a heavy workload or conflicts with fellows. Sometimes, a young person cannot deal with such emotional conditions by themself. In the worst cases, a professional help is necessary. Moreover, some teenagers decide to quit and get rid of the constant pressure. Without any doubts, college is a moral and emotional challenge for young people. On the other hand, it also teaches students some necessary life skills and how to stay strong and develop their own willpower.

To sum up, it is essential to know why exactly so many students drop out at a college or high school. It is a pity as most of them could become good professionals: police officers, essay writers, singers and even politicians. Unfortunately, they destroy their dreams and targets while quitting college. It is essential to prevent such situations like these which we described in our article. You have to learn how to be strong and responsible for you own future. Do not think that education does not matter today. It depends on how well you work at college. If you just want to get good marks, you will probably reach any skills and knowledge. Your main target should be academic attainments first of all. We hope that you will not become one of the students, whom we described and avoid mistakes which young people usually do while studying and then regret it. Try to see the positive even if hard times are coming. They won’t last for the whole of your college life. Change your attitude and you will understand it.

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