What You Can Learn from “Game of Thrones”

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The gathering of parties, intrigues, and the change of leaders – sometimes the plot of "Games of Thrones" is very similar to what is happening in typical offices. We learned what you can derive from the heroes of a famous series.

Surprises Happen – Be Prepared!

The epic begins with the fact that a detachment of three men of the Night’s Watch, who investigated the death of a group of Wildlings, was attacked by White Walkers. Only one soldier managed to survive, but no one believed his story about representatives of a non-human race – Eddard Stark executed a warrior as a deserter. "White walkers disappeared thousands of years ago," The Quiet Wolf quietly reminded his six-year-old son Bran. Nobody expected the emergence of Others. Their return in the series played the role of "Black Swan" – an unexpected event that is destined to become fatal.

In business, only the person who diversifies risks is successful. It is necessary to calculate several probabilities of the development of the events. It is better to have a specific plan of actions even for the most unanticipated case.

Learn from the Mistakes of Your Predecessors

In the series, there are many examples that illustrate that they own errors are to learn through, but the other ones – to build a career being guided by them. We can recall the fate of the Mad King, the last ruler on the Iron Throne from the Targaryen Dynasty. Aerys II imagined enemies everywhere, he turned into a very cruel man. As a result, he was overthrown in the course of the uprising of Robert Baratheon, who finally ascended to the Iron Throne.

We recommend careerists to be interested in the experience of their predecessors, even within the framework of one particular organization, to put themselves in the place of those who failed, and to reflect on what actions would help to avoid detrimental consequences.

New Work for Young Businessman

Take Responsibility

Those who faster than others move up through the ranks, for instance, like Jon Snow, former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, become informal leaders. If you want to become a real leader just like Jon Snow, pay your attention to this article paper4college.com/blog/leader-qualities. The hero of the "Game of Thrones" was not afraid to take responsibility, he managed to unite the right people around himself and brought the community to a new level. Modern business needs professionals with well-developed leadership qualities; so people with such skills will be successful.

Be True to Yourself

From the development of the plot line with Jon Snow, you can deduce one more career lesson. The hero of the series was faced with colossal opposition. Eventually, his comrades-in-arms killed him, but The Red Woman - a magical creature - took his side. Melisandre managed to bring Jon back to life with the help of magic.

In modern business, the employee’s idea which is not accepted by the company's staff can also get a second life if the main shareholder, for example, is interested in it. A specialist who believes that he/she is doing everything right, but meets the opposition of colleagues, must be faithful to him/herself to the end. Then, he/she will be rewarded, like Jon Snow.

Think Big and Look for Allies

Another recipe for those who build a career: it is important to set ambitious goals. Recall the storyline of the "Game of Thrones" with Tyrion Lannister. The capital is occupied by his sister Cersei, who has two large vassal houses, a royal army, and all the facilities to withstand any siege. Many doubt that it is possible to win a ruler, but Tyrion recalls: what is unattainable alone can be done with the allies. The hero of the epic, nicknamed the Imp for his sharp tongue, proposes to unite with Jon Snow, the King in the North, an honest man, behind whom stands a very powerful force.

From the given situation it is necessary to deduce a simple career lesson: one body is nobody. Building a career, a specialist needs a team – like-minded people who would share his/her aspirations and values. And if to think big, it is important for a modern company to consolidate with partners in the industry, because the company alone will not solve many pressing problems. For example, the task that only a coalition of companies can solve: lobbying of legislative initiatives. It is easier to bring ideas to parliamentarians or representatives of the regulator together with colleagues in the industry, whereas without like-minded people, it is hardly possible to achieve a result.

Iron Throne

Think About the Consequences

Sometimes, the price of one bright act is too high. Before making a cardinal decision, think about how other players will react to it. The explosion of the septum allowed Cersei Lannister to immediately get rid of serious political opponents. However, along with them, she lost her son and heir to the throne.

Be Attentive to Advisors

A vivid example of the wrong choice of an adviser is Stannis Baratheon and the Red Woman, who played on his vainglory. The result of this error was megalomania, a falsely understood sense of duty, insanity, defeats on the battlefield, the murder of a daughter, the suicide of his wife, and his own death. And in life with such advisers, you can not only lose your place of work but also go to court.

Instead, it is worthwhile to look at the advisers, like Tyrion, – wise and flexible. He clearly sees both his own and others' benefits, has an excellent sense of humor and, importantly, is fairly honest. He can be trusted. To get such an adviser as he is a great success. Whether Daenerys will be on a roll with such an adviser – will be seen soon.

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