Argumentative Essay Against Sport: Ideas for Extra-Ordinary Writing

Athlete Training

There many articles where advantages of sport are described. People usually mention only positive features. And, certainly, it is difficult not to agree that sport activities make us healthier, stronger, fitter and in the meantime, sport training is funny and enjoyable. Despite all that, there are several arguments against sport and you should take them into consideration.

Ambition of Winning

Sure, ambitious man can reach success in any sphere of his life, but sometimes this quality can lead to vainglory or false pride. In most cases people put an accent on winning in many kinds of sports and the main task for the athletes is competing with other people. So competitors learn how to act despite moral principles, they break the rules, hurt and offend each other. And if they lost, it will affect them deeply.

Not Always Healthy

Of course, if you go in for sport as an amateur you can improve your physical and mental health and have a fit body in addition. But don’t forget that doing it professionally doesn’t have anything common with sound health. Professionals need to train a lot, they rarely rest enough and their bodies have to work at the breaking point. Besides, they usually have a lot of injuries gained during the competitions or training sessions. Sometimes the trauma can be so serious that it can’t be fully healed and will remind about itself during all life.


Nowadays it is not a secret that professional athletes use pharmaceutical preparations to gain success in certain kind of sport. At first, it is dishonest towards the other competitors. If the win is unfair, you can’t be satisfied with it. Secondly, all these drugs, which make you strong, fast and enduring, affect your health and cause a lot of diseases, especially if the sportsman is young and still not formed physically.

Cruel Sports

There are several kinds of sport that we can call cruel and violent. Its task is to beat another contestant. These are boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, the group of martial arts etc. Competitors hurt each other in order to win and to make the fight spectacular for the audience. But much worse is when person, who is engaged in one of these sports, fights with the ordinary one because of personal reasons. That leads to the serious injuries and even to the fatal outcome.

Sport Injury


In many cases going in for sport is pretty expensive. Starting with equipment, special clothes, gym membership and finishing with pricey medication in case of trauma. Of course, you can avoid visiting a gym or buying special outfit and train at home, but the absence of the coach and lack of high quality equipment will make your results worse. An average visitor of the gym spends a lot of money on special sport clothes, training shoes, sports nutrition, even if it is not necessary in fact, people will do it because of plenty advertisements and commercial promotion.

In conclusion, sport is undoubtedly necessary for being healthy and strong. But if you don’t want to be injured and make your training pleasurable, pay attention to these notions. Don’t try to copy professional athletes, remember on the first place should be your health but not winning ambitions.

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