Become Lucky: The Topical Life Principles

Four-Leaf Clover

Everyone is constantly looking for some universal method to get lucky in their own way. Some people, who are keen on flora, are looking for a four-leaf clover. More superstitious personalities are in a mortal dread of black cats. The majority of students don’t wash their hair and put their written notes under the pillow while sleeping in order to write some essays, reports, assignments or take exams on “A” and “B” grades.

All of the aforementioned is done to allure the luck. But in reality, the rules or principles of being lucky are as plain as day. There is no need to possess some global knowledge or be a magician to be lucky. Just follow the principles that are reflected below.

Listen to the Inner Self

Inner Self

The inner self is like a useful instrument that comments on some necessary instructions in a shy or demanding way. Notice that it often comments objectively, precisely and, furthermore, absolutely correct. Go with one’s inner self and you won’t regret that. It helps to make reasonable decisions and choose a correct way to achieve the goal. The second name for the inner self is considered to be intuition.

If your inner self suggests that it’s not an ideal moment right now to come to your teacher in Sociology and ask to comment on your low grade for the report, as the teacher is in bad mood and that may only bring to the boil, that’s better to follow the suggestion. Our inner self often serves as a safety belt and prevents us from a terrible crash. So, be very attentive and never miss its hints.

Breathe Easy

Lucky Person

Never doubt your success and luck. Breathe easy and don’t put some imaginary frames-restrictions such as “that’s too ideal to be real.” In this case, the point is in “we see only the things we desire and intend to see” but not in a celebrated notion of a healthy mindset. With the help of this principle, you won’t overpass some promising adventurism anymore, won’t cancel, get tired, will have a meeting with a few new acquaintances and pay more attention to intriguing and “for sure that happens with some hidden design” circumstances, successfully finding out a wonderful opportunity there.

That doesn’t mean you shall always plunge headlong into some fishy reckless schemes but give the second chance to promising projects and, in turn, receive “Bon chance” from the universe.

Act with Pleasure

Student Studying with Pleasure

Sit and sky-hoot about a lucky chance seems like a plan but not an efficient one. Most likely, you need the luck for a concrete purpose. What do you desire right now? Get “A” for the essay in History? Pass that extremely complicated exam in Art? Win respect in the minds of the teacher in Philosophy? Set a goal and think about the next steps (spend an evening in the city library for some interesting info, ask your teacher for a consultation, and miss a party to prepare for the exams) but treat all those things with pleasure and in a good mood. Luck appreciates optimistic people!

By the way, an optimistic approach refers to all spheres of life without exceptions (private life, studying and work). To become lucky in those spheres one shall truly believe that the future success is inevitable due to the efforts and positive attitude to the things surrounding us.

Discover Opportunities in Failures


Instead of complaining about one’s nasty fate and the unjust universe, it’s better to ask oneself the following simple questions. What conclusion can I draw from this disappointing situation? What way can I turn the situation into my own benefit? How shall I behave the next time in order to make the things more successful? Is there any authoritative person among my acquaintances whom I may ask to give some advice on how to act in that situation?

That way we make valuable judgments about the situation, take into account some outer factors and make a plan of actions. Never give your current failures a chance to demotivate you but encourage further actions. The next time will inevitably become your lucky opportunity. Just believe in that uncompromisingly!

The luck appreciates strong personalities and those who never give up. In case you feel you lack self-confidence, find a couch that may provide you with a few professional steps to gain self-confidence and the ways to invite the luck to your life. Don’t ignore a professional assistance as couches are people who are experienced enough and cut their teeth on contradictory issues.

Enjoy the Luck of Others

Happy People

Psychologists state that luck and success circulate through the world and connect people. Consequently, the luckier people we get acquainted and communicate with, the sooner we meet the luck in our own lives and hit the jackpot. However, that doesn’t mean one shall communicate exceptionally with lucky people and ignore those who experience less luck in life. To enjoy the luck of others means to feel happy for others sincerely and wish others all the best.

Treat people as you want to be treated. That’s the law of being lucky. For instance, if you want to get a good grade for the exam, help your friend in preparations for that very exam if they ask you for help. Explaining some complicated things to someone, you review them one more time and, most probably, even find some things that you’ve missed to look through while preparing for the exam alone. That way kills two birds with one stone: you help your friend to pass the exam and, at the same time, review the things to pass it from your side.

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