How to Know One’s Trade Perfectly and Succeed in Life

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How long does it take to become a professional in anything? Do you need 10 000 hours for that or it all depends not on the amount of time but on your persistence and desire?

Here you may find some hints that may be useful for you if you want to be a person who knows one’s trade perfectly. These tips are based on works of Robert Greene, author of popular bestsellers. In his books he gives examples from the lives of great people and explores their lifestyle in order to understand which factors influenced them and how they became geniuses. To write the book Green immersed in the history and learned a lot about the life of Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart and others. In addition to this, he also interviewed many people.

Find the Main Preference of Life

We often pay attention to several things, not even realizing that we might be really good at one thing. Find what you truly like to do and engage in this activity.

Do Not Be Afraid to Rebel

Very few people are happy of someone else's success. No matter how painful it may sound, but these people may even be among your friends. Even if everything is against you, you still feel that you do what you want to, spit on the opinion of others and do what you feel compassionate about.

Like Your Job at a Basic Level

Despite the difficulty of the word combination, the point should be clear. You have to enjoy every part of what you are doing. For Marie Curie, the famous physicist and chemist, in her childhood there was nothing more interesting than to look on her father's laboratory.

Learn What You Like

Charles Darwin was a mediocre student and quite often missed classes. He quit his studies at Edinburgh University, hardly finished studies at Cambridge and had not been distinguished as very diligent and studious person. But what would we do without his discoveries in the theory of evolution?

Do Not Forget About Practice

With the constant repetition of the same acts ligaments in neurons become stronger and in such a way we gain professionalism. This is one reason why you never forget how to ride a bike.

Set Goals

Short-term, long-term – it does not matter. You should always have a goal. Purpose is a beacon of your life. It is not so difficult to find it as you may think.

Do Not Be Afraid to Go on the Occupied Territory

Although there will be competitors in your field, you will always find a place there if you do something really well. Google was not the first to set up its search system, but they were able to bring it to a high-grade standard. Why will it not work in your case?


People Are Not Born Geniuses

Many hours of training, practice and failures – that is what leads us to success. Diligence will help you to achieve your goals.

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