Tricks for Effective Sleeping in College

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Ideally, one third of our lives is spent recharging. Even though college prepares us academically, it is our task to educate ourselves on the good habits of sleeping and work out a routine that will suit both our body and our schedule. Since sleeping is often an aspect of our lives that gets sacrificed in order to accomplish many more goals, the wise thing to do would be to get fully recharged during the night to accomplish those goals more quickly and effectively.

Right Timing

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you are chipper after only a few hours of dozing off, while other times you feel like a dismembered zombie even after 14 hours of sleep? The answer to this paradox is simple, you should adjust your timing to the sleep cycles of your brain. Sleep cycles consist of 90 minutes, so whenever you set your alarm clock for the morning, make sure that the minutes that you will sleep equal to a multiple of 90, adding an extra 15 minutes to actually fall asleep. This is a trick to remember, especially during exam season. However, it does not mean that you could sleep just for an hour and a half each day, since this is a trick recharge for only the most critical situations, and ideally 8 hours of sleep is the standard to aspire to.

Relaxing Conditions

The best way to fall asleep is by making your body and soul feel secure. With no worries in your mind, your sleep will be peaceful and energizing. Fall asleep hugging your teddy bear, drink some chamomile tea before bad, light up a few candles on your nightstand to add to an atmosphere of serenity and meditation. This is not a time for bad thoughts or mulling over the mistakes of the day, but a moment to appreciate your life. You can even look online for the soundtracks of different natural phenomena that will lull you into a great sleep. For example, many people listen to the light sound of rain tapping on the roof before going to bed.

Colorful Candles

Position Check

Sometimes we do not feel refreshed enough because our sleeping position is not ideal. Even though we might feel comfortable sleeping on our tummies, our internal organs and our neck would probably disagree with us. The best way to sleep is on your back, find a position where nothing presses down on you, and feel the liberty to fall asleep lightly.


Just like all habits in life, sleeping well requires training too. Make an effort to head off to bed at the same time every night, and to wake up at the same hour. You will notice that after such a training, in a month you will be dozing off and waking up at the same time each day without needing an alarm clock to keep you in line.

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