The Best Sports Idioms You Can Use in Your Essay

Sports and writing

No matter what kind of sport you prefer practicing, the important thing is that you do it regularly and it brings you joy. This was a little motivational speech to make you get off a couch and start exercising. Or at least get that gym membership already. There is a chance you`ll go occasionally because you`ve paid money for this and you don`t want to waste it. Don`t worry, it`s better to be cheap and fit rather than going out of breath after a running a couple of meters to answer a door. But it`s not the topic of this article, it`s about sports idioms but we thought that this topic will be a good chance to inspire you to get in shape. Because it`s just our mission to provide great tips not only for your mind but for a body as well.

Speaking of tips, we`ve got the best one up the sleeve and it will cover both of your worries. With a professional essay writing service, you`ll have enough of time to dedicate to sports and your grades will be safe. Isn`t it something you`ve always dreamt of? We are going to present you some pretty cool idioms that you may not even have heard before because they`re super specific and they`re in an active use mostly in a professional athlete’s circle. But we have insiders there and got a list of really cool phrases that you can use not only in your essay but in a daily conversation as well. Because sports slang usually sounds so incredibly dope.

Lost a Step

Is it about dancing? Or that time when you were trying to get to a student dorm making no noise and being drunk as a skunk? Nope, it`s about boxing. If you`re a fan or you like playing with a punching bag at a gym, you must have heard it occasionally during some boxing matches. It`s not very common though, it was much more popular at the beginning of the twentieth century and in the professional field it means that a boxer started losing his edge and for some reason, his skills are getting worse or he`s getting out of shape. In a daily non-sports situation it can be referred to a person who`s getting worse at their job, perhaps, they can`t find an inspiration. For example, you can say that someone has lost a step after that failure with a presentation.

Game of Inches

Any kind of sport has a strict measurement of a field where the action is happening. If you`re familiar with any sports which involve a ball, for example, then you must know that when a ball touches the ground, every single inch can determine a failure or a victory. It`s absolutely crucial. There are many dramatic moments in sports movies based on a moment when a runner is crossing the finish line and the second runner got so close that you can`t decide who the winner is unless you take a look at a photo finish because a naked eye can`t see it. The same crucial factor works in football or baseball, and in life, of course. You can apply this idiom when you want to describe a situation where absolutely every detail matters.

Next Man Up

Accidents happen and there is no way to predict them (okay, there is this concept called risk management but when it comes to daily life it doesn`t really work like it does with huge companies). So we just have to make our peace with it, adjust, and move on. This works in the sport when a key team player or the best sportsman in a national league can`t go on with performing due to a severe injury, for example. A management needs to decide very quickly who will be the next man up or who will play a role of a decent substitute. When you`re doing a group project, for example, this phrase will be rather useful if you need a find a new team member. Or you can just include it in your essay. Wait, there is another option. You can just ask a reputable website to help you with your assignments and feel free as a bird.

Ice Water in the Veins

If you`re spending your summer vacation in LA or Florida, then this anatomical cooling system is something you would kill for because an idea of ice water in veins when it`s pure hell outside does sound appealing. The true meaning has nothing to do with the temperature though. It`s about sportsmen stamina and perseverance. No matter the conditions and a situation, a professional athlete is always supposed to stay calm and focused. This is a skill that you could really use at an exam, right? So when you have ice water in your veins, it means that you`re the one people can rely on in times of a crisis. Speaking of relying on and crisis. If your homework is crying for help, you know that you can always buy college papers and just get back in the saddle. 

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