Are Writing Skills Necessary for Millennials?

Pencil and Paper

In the age of modern technologies and Internet, writing skills become not as substantial as they were decades ago. Texting and language simplification became an unstoppable world phenomenon. Nevertheless, ability to express thoughts and emotions properly via papers shows an education level of the writer as well as his/her language competence. Indeed, it is quite easy to judge a person by writing.

We all are aware of the fact that when you study a foreign language, you are going to develop listening, reading, speaking, and writing abilities. However, there are a lot of mistakes and rules, which are omitted in the everyday speech. Some of them remain unnoticed by both: you and your interlocutor. Unfortunately, in the written form, the mistakes are too obvious to be missed. For example, you don’t want to be the person whose texts in a foreign language is full of errors. That is why you have to appreciate the importance of good writing skills.

On-Line Chat

We all send emails, instant messages or texts every day. Even such forms of socialization require an appropriate and accurate wording/grammar, especially, when it comes to communication with teachers or professors. Another issue is commenting on forums, discussions, or even texting on Instagram. Social life should also be on the corresponding level. Texting via messengers, emails and forums in a foreign language require these skills.

Another point is that lettering is significant for professional communication. You don’t want to make any mistakes in an email to a potential client who speaks a foreign language or use a wrong greeting in a cover letter to a potential employer.

Problem of Miscommunication

The wrong vocabulary or grammar mistakes can cause serious problems with understanding. Moreover, you may unconsciously offend the interlocutor because of unsuitable words. Don’t forget, that there are fewer clues for the reader than for a listener. For example, things like mimics, body language or gesture. Writing has a special system, so it is much harder to grasp what you actually wanted to say. That’s why it is much better to write correctly at once in order to avoid unnecessary problems. Taking this into account, you may need to order law papers if you are good at law, but bad at writing.

Language Tests Measure All Skills

If you are willing to pass a language test, writing is an essential part. The biggest part of the language tests measures your ability to write, either by asking you to write something in the language or by testing your ability to fill in the spaces within a sentence. Furthermore, don’t forget that a bad mark for this section influences on your final mark. Sometimes, being an excellent speaker is less important than being a good writer. 

Educational Level

As I have already mentioned, profound paper-and-pencil skills are an index of your education level. Errors in your texts will present you in a terrible light. If you are bad at it, people may doubt your ability to understand their reply. What is more, it is significant when you have a chance to communicate with native speakers. It won’t always be obvious that you’re not a native speaker of your target language: that is why you need to make a good first impression.

Overall, the seriousness of writing skills shouldn’t be underestimated. There are many cases where you really need to use your abilities, so take care of them.  

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