Review of Best Topics for Persuasive Essays


Okay, let’s think that you need to write a persuasive essay, and you are fed up with papers on animal rights, school uniforms, and all those super-popular topics. You want something new, fresh, actual and captivating, but cannot come to the relevant idea. Let us help you on the matter and offer a few suggestions that may seem the right ones for you. If you need any other topic and ideas for persuasive writing on it, you are welcome to order some help with essay writing service.

How to Choose?

What approach is the best to select a topic for a persuasive essay? This is easy. Just think about the issues you have recently argued with your friends about. If you are talking about some serious things, this may be a good way to come up with a good topic. Even if you argue about girls, boys, cars, or sports, this may work, as there are so many contradicting issues within these spheres. Just take yourself and your friends seriously.

Ban of Wearing Hijabs in France

It is very surprising taking into account the modern world tendencies appreciating the cultural diversity, but it is legally not allowed to wear hijabs in France. What do you think about this? For some, the answer is obvious: this is disrespectful for the Islam believers and the measures should be taken to ban this law. The others maintain the opposite view: banning hijabs in not only a security measure, but also a good way to preserve the French identity. Indeed, the French are so concerned about their culture, so when visiting the country, you are sure to feel the specific atmosphere built within centuries. So, is it what you want to support? It is up to you to choose, since this is quite a good moral, ethical, and religious dilemma. Anyway, if you do have a strong opinion on the matter, we are sure that your persuasive essay will rock.

Owning a Gun: Necessity or Regulations

To allow or not to allow: this is a question. Some people get armed with the levels of crimes and are confident that owning guns should be banned, so the number of serious injuries would decrease. Others also give their say for security, but from the other side: they claim that facing an armed criminal, it is better to have a gun in your pocket than to be vulnerable. Well, true enough, don’t you think? On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account the number of accidents that happen because of children playing with guns. Take a certain position and support it in your essay. However, there is always an option to try to find a compromise after reviewing both sides and suggest some restrictions to the law. You may find a lot of cheap essays on the topic available online, but to get a qualitative one, you should contact our writing service.

A Working Mom or a House Mom?

This is an issue where for a big number of people, ethics, moral and feminism contradict each other to some extent. Nobody would argue about the importance of the proper education for children, but shall a woman sacrifice her career and personal aims to stay at home taking care of a child? What is your point of view on the issue? You will surely find relevant arguments to support any of those options. References will not be an issue as well, since there are a lot of studies performed on the topic from various aspects. If I were you, I would focus on those research papers where scientists present numbers rather than opinions. Those numbers can help you to make your essay more convincing, and as for opinions, you should better include your own.

Electro Cars: Are They Really Environmentally Friendly?

To dive into the world of the modern technological advances, you may review the issue of electro cars in your persuasive essay. Most people claim that they are eco-friendly, and they are to substitute cars working on gas if we are clever enough to take care of our planet and reduce emissions. This sounds pretty much good, but there is a black side of the issue. Do you know how is the electricity produced? The more electricity people need, the higher capacity is needed from the electro stations, hence the threat to the environment. You may research more on this point to perform an interesting and extraordinary persuasive essay which will impress both: your professor and peers.

Self-Driven Cars: An Opportunity or a Threat?

Self-Driven Car

Elaborating on the issue of technological advances for English papers, let us suggest another good topic suitable for you to persuade your reader or listener in your point. This time we offer you to talk about self-driven cars. For some, the introduction of self-driven cars seems to open a wide range of opportunities. However, the others are concerned about the safety of being a passenger of a driverless car. Take a side on this matter, and good luck: you will find numbers to confirm any of the points, because the research works on this issue are quite contradictive. From one side, the reaction of a computer is sometimes faster than the one of a human being. From the other one, a computer has not been taught to make moral choices and this creates a problem when alternatives exist.

Robots VS People. Who Will Win on Job Market?

A lot of people are afraid of losing their jobs just because of being replaced by robots. However, do you think that this is a serious reason for the fear? Are you for robots or against them? What will be the fate of middle-class workers if robots do their job? You may either take a position pro such a technological revolution in the job market, supporting the side that a human is still needed to control and make solutions, just robots will make the whole process more effective, leaving the humans an option just to think. Or, you may provide counterarguments specifying that not all people are educated enough and psychologically ready to control and rule rather than accomplish tasks. A persuasive essay on any point will be impressive if you support your opinion with passion and facts (better with numbers, pictures, links to reliable references).

Are the International Championships Fair?

Every competition raises concerns in case there are even the minor things that may be taken as an evidence of bias. The higher is the level of competition, the more doubts appear in the minds of fans, since big money is involved. Take a world-wide competition that was ever somehow connected with corruption, doping, or any other breakage of moral and honesty and support a side whether on its being fair, or against. In sport, you will need to critically evaluate the decisions of judges, check whether they were fair, and whether there were any tendencies. Do not base your opinions on yellow press much because they tend to exaggerate, misinterpret facts and take them out of a context: such references will make your persuasive essay weaker and less convincing. Remember that one faulty fact makes your reader doubt the whole thing, so be careful.

Surely, there are a great number of good persuasive essay topics, but this list is for you not to drown in the ocean of possible ideas!

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