How to Create a Case Study?

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Nowadays, case studies are becoming more and more popular at different business schools and colleges. Paper writing services actively produce them as thousands of orders made every day. It is considered to be one of the best strategies of development of critical and analytical thinking and creative skills. Its effectiveness is proven by thousands of students and professors. The history of case studies dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when they appeared in Harvard. The main reason why such a necessity occurred was the absence of useful textbooks, which could help students to learn how to run their own business and rule the companies. Thanks to case studies, it is possible not only to study boring theory but also get some practical knowledge and skills. It makes young people ready to real difficulties, which may occur. They learn how to solve problems and situations and discuss all effective methods. Of course, none of the traditional ways of studying can replace such things. However, the question, which appears, is how to write a case study. This is not a simple task, especially for young people, who are still not experienced in a business sphere. However, it is possible to deal with this paper thanks to our tips and hints.

Types of Case Studies

First of all, it is essential to know the types of case studies, as you have to decide which one you write. Moreover, you have to clearly understand which things you will explain in your paper. Development of the idea is important as well. There are such types of case studies:

  • Illustrative: this type of papers demonstrate us the description of certain events, situations and so on.
  • Exploratory: its main target is providing a survey in order to find certain information and put down the results.
  • Cumulative: these case studies include a small research and comparisons related to it.
  • Critical: here you can find the description of an event, which caused certain outcomes. They are analyzed and criticized by the author.

Things to Start With

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So, you are aware of the basic things about case studies. However, you still do not know what the first step to do is. Our team offers you a simple plan of writing a case study on your own if you do not buy it in a paper writing service. We tried to provide the most effective and quickest way of creating such a work. Just follow tips below and you will deal with this task easily.

Select the Type of Case Studies

Firstly, you have to decide which type of case studies you write and if it is suitable for your target audience. Keep in mind that you should orient on the people, who will read your paper. For example, critical case studies are the most suitable for students and teachers for discussing at class and development of some important skills. The illustrative type will probably be not so useful for them. So, you should remember about the audience from the beginning of your work and to its finish.

Choose the Topic

The next significant step is choosing the main topic of your case study. Orient on the type you have selected and provide a specific research to complete your paper. You can find necessary information on the internet, but it is essential to add your own thoughts, ideas and results of your survey. Do not forget that your topic has to be interesting for you first of all. If you decide to write about a boring subject, you will probably fail or give up in the middle of the way. It is very disappointing, so it is better to choose a good theme at the start to avoid regretting it later.

Search for Information

You definitely need to find additional information on your subject except for the things you have researched on your own. It may be some samples of case studies made by other people but they should be the same type as yours. You should not copy them but you can get some important information: how to build your paper, which arguments to use and so on. This is especially important if you write the first case study in your life.

Provide an Interview

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So, you know the steps which can help you to prepare for your work. Now, it is time to explain your main tasks. First of all, it is providing an interview with people, who are good at a certain sphere. For example, you can invite market experts or employees of worldwide enterprises. In addition, it is even possible to interview clients of these companies. If you write about statistics of paper writing services, you can ask local managers to participate in your survey. It mostly depends on the topic of your case study. The main thing you should remember: avoid amateurs as there is no use in interviewing people who know absolutely nothing in your field. Below we will explain how to prepare for an interview and how to avoid the typical mistakes.

E-Mail All Participants

Before planning anything, you should make sure that every participant is ready to come to an interview and answer your question. The best way to inform them is sending a short and polite e-mail. Probably, bosses of big companies will refuse because of their crazy schedule. However, you should not worry. You can ask even an average manager to come to an interview. It does not make your case study worse.

Prepare Some Questions

Keep in mind that if you want to get a full statistic or a view on a certain problem, you should ask people almost the same questions. It will provide the best understanding of the issue for you and your audience because clients and managers of the company usually have different points of view on a situation which occurs. In case you search for stark facts, you should prepare some questions with answers “Yes” or “No.”

Writing Process

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After you completed several interviews and had already found some information on your subject, it is time to start writing a paper. Sure, for many young people it seems to be the hardest part of tasks. However, this is not as difficult as you think. The target is to complete everything you noted during your research and formulate several statements. We prepared some good tips for you on how to write down your material correctly. On the other hand, you can simply use a professional paper writing service and have your text written by qualified authors.

Formulate the Problem of Research

The most important thing is concentration on the things you should explain in your paper. For this, you have to put down several sentences, which demonstrate the main problem of your case study. It will help you to avoid distractions on side topics and make your paper clear for everyone. Moreover, it will help you to complete your text correctly as usually young people add too much unnecessary information, which only irritates the reader.


In your introduction, you should maximally clearly explain the problem and purpose of the writing. It is a paragraph where you can put down the importance of your topic and reasons why you selected it. It sets the pace for the whole process of work, so you should not ignore the significance of a good introduction. Sometimes, it is better to write this part of paper at the end of your work when everything is done.

Your Materials

In the main part of your paper, you should write your analysis itself and put down the results of your personal survey. Do not forget to add citations of your interviewer’s words and explain why they are valuable. It is essential to be persuasive: you may use some specific audio or video material for it and demonstrate them during the presentation. After you explain the core of your research and its results, you have to describe some possible solutions to this problem. Discuss several points of view in your paper. It is important to make your case study full.


In the end of your text, you can repeat several statements from your lead in. Mention one more time why the topic of your case study is so significant nowadays. Add short versions of the major solutions, which you offered in the main body of your paper. It is a pretty good idea to leave some questions for discussions as case studies are proper material for learning and development of person’s analytical skills. The best works usually cause an active discussion in the group. It is very beneficial if you cannot find the most appropriate solution for the issue explained in the case study.

Edit Your Paper

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Some students find that editing is the minor thing and it does not actually influence the mark you get for a case study. However, this is a completely wrong opinion, which usually leads to disappointment, after the professor monitors your paper. Editing sometimes takes even more time than the process of writing itself. Why? It is a complicated process and its final target is making a case study perfect without any inaccuracies and mistakes. That is why our team explains some good methods of editing your paper quickly and effectively. On the other hand, you can ask a paper writing service for help. Local authors can revise your text quicker and do it with better quality.

Reread It

The first thing you should do is rereading your case study several times. Keep in mind that it is impossible to first all inaccuracies during the first revision. Do not be in hurry and never delete or add anything without a good analysis of the problem. It is true that some papers are completely changed after the editing process. The only constant thing is your main thesis statement: you should not change it as it may lead to the necessity to rewrite the whole text. However, you can fix side information: add some new points and arguments. You can even leave some paragraphs uncompleted during the writing process and then come back to them during the revision. It often demands some time to invent really amusing and original ideas.


Student Proofreading Paper

After you added something new or deleted unnecessary points, it is time to detect all grammar mistakes. Sure, you have already fixed some of them while editing your text. However, this issue demands a specific approach as well. Pay attention to computer software, which gives a possibility to check papers for mistakes. They are usually free. Unfortunately, a machine cannot find all inaccuracies. So, you will have to check your text for grammatical mistakes anyway. Remember that if you are not familiar with this issue, it will be better to ask professional in any paper writing service to proofread your case study.

All in all, creation of a case study is not an easy task. It may be very difficult for young people, as it demands not only paperwork but also providing a specific research and interviewing people acknowledged in the certain field. Anyway, you have to be well-prepared for all possible complications and not be afraid of them. Even if this kind of work is hard, it gives you a lot of useful experience and skills. We hope that our article is helpful for you and you will reach success in writing a case study. On the other hand, it is always possible to ask a specific paper writing service for help with completing such type of work. In this case, you can get the paper with the best quality delivered in the fastest terms.

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