How Can One Improve the Ability to Write Creatively?

Not everyone wants to become a writer and compose something, but still, sooner or later the assignment for creative writing will be given to us. People fear to complete it, since they believe to be non-creative. There are plenty of ways to open up your creative channels and hear some of them.

Rework a piece of  writing that you have already completed

In case you already have a story written, try to tell it from the different perspective. For example, if it is a family story, try to make not a child, but a grandmother a narrator this time. You will be surprised how the whole story changes and gives birth to something new and original. You can also place the characters into a different city or change their age – this will end up helping you to come up with a new plot.


Reading will open the door for new techniques, new perception of the situations, new vision. Books are a product of the individual’s thinking, and since all the minds work in a different way, reading will only reveal the alternative way of approaching writing in general.

Reading a book

Make a list of topics

You might need to find a special notebook for completing this. What you need to do is to sit and write a list of 5,10, 20 writing topics. You don’t need all of them to be worth working on, but you should still write them all down. The more topics you list, the higher is the chance of coming up with a good one that is worth writing on. You will also need to write down any new topic that you are able to think of. Keep them in case your inspiration runs dry.


This is an interesting technique that can help you on different levels. Sit down and write for 10 minutes or more. You do not want your writing to be good, interesting or even readable. What you need is to be open and honest. The first thing the exercise aids you in is cleaning your head so it is easier to think later. The second thing is that in case you try to read what you have just written, you might find new topics or details you want to include into your further writing.

Switch genres

You do not have to limit yourself to only one style and only one genre when it comes to creative writing. Try something new, and you might find the exact genre that can help you reveal your writing potential.

Benefit from your hurtful experiences

This might seem weird at first, as what are the benefits one can get from being hurt? In our case, you may check and notice, that most of literature is written about negative experience the writer had.

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