Narrative Essay about Superpower

When a teacher assigns a narrative essay, you need to get your creative mind to work. Indeed, in such kind of essays you can explain your point of view about a subject, share something that has been on your mind or even dive into a memory. Your main goal is to write a captivating story, combining a great tale with enough expressive means to keep the reader interested or entertained. Often, your story can lead to a philosophical thought or morale.



Choosing a topic on your own can be a little challenging. Students often make the mistake of selecting a topic, which is too broad, like “My vacation in Germany” or “Why I love my Grandma”. It is hard not to be carried away when writing about a series of events or how you feel about a person. When you select a topic about a particular happening or a hypothetical question like your favorite superpower, focusing on the task becomes easier. Another tip is to lean towards a topic that you are familiar with, because you will need to compose your essay based on personal experience.

Point of View

Remember, that you are writing to an invisible audience, that does not share all of your experiences and opinions. That is why, it is better to explain what you mean by your words, if the terms are too specific. Compare these two examples:

  • I would not let the Joker of the story discover my kryptonite.
  • I would not let my enemies discover my weaknesses.


The best thing about a narrative essay is a free reign over metaphorical expressions, bright details and emphatic words. Any decoration is great, if it makes your story shine. These decorations are what the reader will remember most out of your story. Describe your superhero costume, what fabric is it made of? Of course, if you are telling a story basing yourself on a memory, past tense is recommended. It is also acceptable to use “I” statements, unlike in other academic works.

  • My costume would be black with claws, symbolizing my power.
  • If I could fly, my superhero costume would be as black as a raven’s wing, with knife-sharp claws that symbolize my tenacity and power.


Keep the dynamic of the story in line. To do so, think about what you are trying to tell the reader. If you focus too much on descriptions, it means that you want to provide as much of a bright example as possible, while giving your attention to the events focuses on your plot. Any structure is acceptable, as long as it gives the exact impression you want to the reader. While describing why your superpower can help save common people, you can use short sentences to provide the impression of fast-changing events. Read these two sentences and compare them:

  • I ran into the building. I take the crying girl. I snatch her up, bring her out of the smoke. Her relieved face is what gives me strength to carry on.
  • As I ran into the building, I spot the crying girl, then I snatch her up and bring her out of the house, with her relieved face giving me strength.

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