How to Write a Critical Paper


Sometimes your main writing goal is not just inventing a new and creative piece. It happens that a teacher wants you to analyze and criticize someone else’s text. It looks like a simple and effortless task. The majority thinks that it is enough just to read a particular article and after that, it takes several minutes to write down your opinion about it.

Nevertheless, it is not a critical paper. You will probably just rewrite the main ideas of this text without analyzing its pros and cons. Keep in mind that the critique may be much harder than actually writing a paper on any topic. That is why you should not undervalue such an assignment and stay always attentive and responsible.

Note the Main Ideas

In order to create a brilliant paper, you should perfectly understand author’s ideas and the main message he or she tries to deliver. Point out several theses in the text. Highlight arguments and counterarguments of an article. After you get the most important concepts used by an author, you will be able to demonstrate your own opinion on this topic and analyze if a writer opens it up clearly or some things seem to be blurred and wrong.

Think Critically

Do not be afraid of criticizing a particular text even if it seems to be influential or you find that everything is correct there. Read it one more time but think critically. It is crucial to analyze every point in an article referring to your personal knowledge and opinion. Hence, you will be able to compare the author’s views with yours, so it will be the core of your critical paper. At the same time, you should not just deplete his or her opinion because it is different from yours. Pay attention to our next hint to prevent such situations.

Be Fair and Smart

Even if you have to try a critic’s role on your own, it is essential to stay calm and fair. It is inappropriate to make the author of the analyzed text look foolish. Your main task is staying objective. It is essential to use only facts and never criticize the material, which you just do not like. Your main task is presenting several arguments in the paper, which can prove that your opinion is correct, and explain why the writer’s thoughts are wrong. Only such kind of critical writing will get the excellent grade.

Use Your Writing Skills

It is essential to use large vocabulary in order to make your ideas and arguments sound more valuable. Forget about weak words, as your task is to impress a reader. If the original work, which you analyze, is written in a better way, no one will pay attention to your critique. Hence, you should be careful while choosing the words. A strong verb can make your paper sound more persuasive. In this way, you can correct some of your arguments, which are a little weak.


Summing up, it is not that easy to deal with writing such type of a paper and reach success in this field. Professional critics study a lot before their skills become truly efficient and brilliant, so they can produce truly unusual and unique works, which reflect all necessary details.

However, there is no need to feel stressed and worried if you are just studying. You will reach perfection after training and practicing your skills. It takes time and efforts but the result of your work will amaze not only you but also your teachers and groupmates as well. Try not to fail on the primary stages as they indicate your future work and success. That is why we have presented these useful tips and ideas in this article. Do not be afraid of trying them. By starting with such simple things, you will quickly learn some ways of writing according to your individual style and demonstrate all your gained skills and knowledge to the audience.

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