Dorm Room: Unnecessary Things You Don't Need to Keep in It

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Summer is the time of the year when soon-to-be students start to create long lists of things they need to purchase for their future dwelling. Is all that stuff really needed? Here is a list of things you might find unnecessary, check and decide:

Restricted Things

All the colleges have a list of dorm-prohibited things that students are not allowed to have in their rooms because of the different reasons. So before giving yourself a complete freedom to purchase all the items you want, better contact someone in charge or visit the website of your future dorm and check what is on that list in order to not bring items that are going to be taken away as a result.


You will constantly face problems like recharging it, fixing it and buying paper for it. Imagine it breaks(as they tend to) the very last night before your final exam. You will have to use a copycenter nearby anyway.


Besides being a very distracting object for every student, it will also take a lot of space in a small room. You will still use your laptop all the time and will have the opportunity to watch all your favorite shows online.

Piles of Dishes

A dorm is not the place for hosting big dinner parties so a couple of plates and a bowl will be more than enough for you. Besides, this way you will never have a pile of dirty dishes to take care of and that's a big plus.


Most likely, pets will be in the list of restricted things but even if they aren’t, it’s better not to have any. There will be so many things to worry about and having another alive being to take care of might be very exhausting and bothering. Leave this experience for another time.

Matching Bed Cloth

Let's look the truth into the eyes - nobody will care if you and your roommate have matching bed cloth. As for you it might be fun for the first couple of months but soon you will inevitably swap the items.

Tons of Photographs

Everyone misses their relatives, parents, and school friends but remember that you are not living alone. All your dearest people are just strangers for your roommate and he(or she) will not feel comfortable with all that photos hanging on the walls. Every time you feel homesick you can look the photos up on your laptop or call the people you miss.

A Lot of Furniture

Thanks to various TV-shows and films, students often have false expectations about the size of their dorm rooms. Dear freshman, it will never be big enough for a couch, a king-size bed, a bean chair, even for a coffee table. You may just cross these items out of your list right away.

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