Dorm Room Decorations: Couple of Great Things You Can Do Yourself

stylish dorm room

Living in a small room doesn't mean you can't make it modern and stylish. Of course, dorm room decorations aren't cheap, especially keeping in mind the other important things you have to purchase as well. But your bedroom should be the place that makes you happy! What is the better way to achieve it than trying to do some interesting decor things by yourself? Here are a couple of ideas for you:

Board for Leaving Messages

It is a really convenient thing in a dorm room, right? And you don't have to buy the expensive dry-erase board when you can create one yourself. All you need is:

  • marker;
  • big picture frame;
  • a sheet of paper;
  • beautiful ribbon;
  • silicone glue.

Cut your sheet of paper to fit into your photo frame, glue the tied ribbon to the top side of your board, attach the marker to one of the ends of the ribbon. Ready! Now you can leave the first message for your roommate.

Heart-Shaped Photo Collage

There is no need to buy plane photo frames or already made collages when you can create a special one with your own hands. This particular design can be easily made. You will need:

  • 38 amazing photos of you and your friends – well, you can try to make it bigger or smaller, just the scheme that is described below requires 38 pictures;
  • glue (or any other means to attach the photos to the wall);
  • ruler;

You have to arrange the photos in the following scheme: two pairs of pictures with a space between them (tops of each side of the future heart), then row of six pics, then seven, six again, then five, four, three, two and a one at the bottom. In the end, it should look like a heart. Better use a ruler to make sure all your lines are straight and spaces between photos are equal. Done? Now you can look at it and feel proud of yourself.

Funny LED Lights

LED lights will make your room look mystic, and you can make it look even bizarre in an easy way described below. Things that you will need:

  • LED lights;
  • pack of plastic ping-pong balls;
  • knife.

Take a knife and make an X-cut on each of the balls, pop them on top of the bulbs. Now you can use your imagination and decorate the walls or windows with the strands of special lights you have made and enjoy your sparkling room.

Paper Hearts Wall Art

paper heart wall art

Is pretty easily made but will surely look cute in your dorm room. Materials:

  • multicolored paper;
  • wooden stick;
  • glue or tape;
  • strand.

Make a heart template out of thick paper and then trace out and cut all the hearts (there should be 88 in total). Divide all the hearts into 8 rows of 11 each, sew each strand together leaving a small space between each heart. Now glue the lines you have around the wooden stick. Your wall art is ready! Now you don't have to worry that your room will look boring; with all the interesting ideas described above it will surely be the best room in the whole dorm!

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