Essay Writing: Tips. Part 2

9 Rules

9 Rules for Writing a Creative Essay

A good essay is definitely a creative one. However, what hides under this term? Check the following 9 rules to make your composition extraordinary. Writing essays can be very exciting, believe us.

  1. Use the positive language only. Write about what you know and what exists, not anything else.
  2. Use linking words. They help move smoothly from one paragraph to another. However, do not use repetitive linking words: there are enough of them to variate.
  3. Make sure the structure of your sentences is different. It is tedious to read the sentences having the same number of words in the same places. Writing sentences with a different number of words may even result in creating a specific rhythm of your composition, so it will sound like a poem. Also, add a few inversions where it is suitable.
  4. Do not overuse specific words. You are writing to impress with what you write about, and not with extraordinary unclear words. Showing that you’re smart is good, but only to a certain extent.
  5. Use synonyms. Repetition of the same words will make your reader furious.
  6. Your text needs to be laconic. Use a minimal number of words to express a certain event, action or thought. This will help you make your essay bright and maximally informative.
  7. Each sentence should make sense. Do not repeat yourself. If a sentence can be removed and nothing will change in the overall sense of your composition, do not hesitate to remove it. Follow the dramatical approach: if there is a gun hanging on a wall at the beginning of a play, it should be used to shoot till the end. Everything should be important, and if it is not – it should not be added.
  8. Be an active supporter of your outlook. Write about what you believe is right, and you will have much more chances to make your reader believe in the same thing.
  9. Read the books about essay writing. There are a lot of them, and you may choose the ones that work for you. World famous writers share their experience and knowledge and it would be silly to disregard the lessons given by them.


This is a certain step devoted to double checking whether you have done everything right. Start from the main details and finish with the less important ones. By “the main ones” we mean the overall sense and coherence of your text, then the connection of arguments and evidence to prove them. The minor things to pay attention to include the connection between parts of sentences, word choice, etc.


If you do not want to spend time on editing, do not expect a good grade. If your deadline is not pressing, you should better start editing in a day or two after writing your essay. Your assignment necessarily includes this step. Do not get distracted by the grammatical mistakes since at this stage, it is better to focus on more important details. Reorganize the phrases that support your idea and remove the parts which are not necessary and switch your reader’s attention to the side ideas. If some point is not clear enough, try to make them clearer with the help of illustrations and contradictions.

  • Content of a paper.

To check the quality of your content, answer the following questions. Have I added specific examples and arguments to prove my point? Have I written anything special? Could my essay be written by another person? Is my composition original? What would be the impression about me after reading the essay? What can a reader learn and remember after reading my text?

  • Construction.

The sense of an essay may be not clear because of the poor structure. Highlight only the first sentences of your paragraphs, and answer the following questions. If someone read these phrases only, would he/she comprehend what I was going to say? Do the first phrases express the main ideas of the paragraphs? Do the paragraphs have a good sequence? Do all paragraphs have nearly the same length? If the one is longer, maybe you have included one too many ideas into it, and it is better to separate them. Finally, is the conclusion understood from the previous argumentation?

  • Interest in reading.

It is of a crucial importance for an essay to be interesting. Review the following formula: personal + unique = interesting. Is the first paragraph personalized? Does the composition have words you usually do not use? If yes, remove or replace them. Don’t you have too many adjectives and adverbs? Don’t you overuse common templates? Is your essay interesting? Do you have a feeling of completeness, or do you lack something after having read your text?

  • Proofreading.

After all, proofread your essay and make sure it is free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Of course, you can do all this by yourself, and you can entrust this work to the specialists from This does not detract from your academic achievements. In the end, not every person is born a writer. Perhaps, this field does not interest you at all and you have no desire to develop it. Nobody forces you to do this. During your studies at the university, you have a way out – websites of academic assistance. And then you can choose a job that is not related to this activity.

We have told you about this alternative scenario so that you do not feel closed in the circle of an unconditional need for writing. But if you are ready to do this, our article will be just the one to give you instructions. Dare and good luck!

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