Avoid Being Lazy: Get All Your Assignments Done on Time. Part 2

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Spend Time with Interesting People

Yes, having fun may also be a cure for laziness! Going out with friends who can share their interests and achievements may become motivating for you to start acting! Try to get acquainted with active people who are aimed at changing the world, and they will share their enthusiasm with you. You can also suggest your help in a certain project they are working on. Not only will you learn how to be motivated from them but also feel useful. If they need special help, you can buy a college paper they need and give it to them as a thank you for a pleasant pastime. Believe us they will appreciate such a gift.

Go for a Walk

When you lay in your bed and feel like you do not have any will to start studying, and all of your friends are busy with their everyday duties, you can just get up, put your clothes on, and go for a walk in a park, or just go shopping. While you’re walking, some new ideas and inspiration can come to your mind, and you will come back home in another mood. Moreover, fresh air activates your brain.

Start Planning

If you still do not have a planner, you should definitely start writing down all your plans systematically. This little notebook with your thoughts, ideas, goals, and wishes will motivate you to get up and achieve your goals even if you feel lazy.

Give yourself some useful resolutions. For example, keep your desk clean, send all of your essays in advance, or work out every day. Track your progress in your paper planner or phone app, and it will be the source of happiness and motivation for next achievements. You can get inspired for writing a planner by looking at some pics on Pinterest, watching videos on YouTube, or learning about Bullet Journal system. It will not be easy at the beginning, you will not have time for everything that you planned, but later you will find what works best for you.

Think About Deadlines

You should not postpone your school tasks to the last day or the last night. But if you have to send your essay tomorrow, and you have not written anything about your topic, you feel anxious and stop procrastinating immediately. To have this feeling and strength to finish all your tasks, you can just set some strict deadlines for yourself or even motivate yourself with a reward.

For example: “If I send this essay tomorrow, I will buy my favorite cake” (but do not use this phrase too often, it is better to eat healthy food). It will be even a better option to just order an essay on paper4college.com – a website where only experts in all academic fields work.

Try New Place

Maybe you just feel bored, or you have too many distractions in your room. In that case, you can try studying at the library or cafeteria: this way, you will have other students around you, so you are not alone with those books and difficult tasks, math problems and essays. Among other people it would simply be more difficult to scroll your Instagram feed because it seems that they all look at you.

Go to a Gym

Training helps you feel much better and get rid of unnecessary thoughts. Ten minutes of cardio will make you tired but hungry not only for food but for taking actions.

Set a Timer

Some students cannot start doing all their tasks and preparing for their exams because they have too much work to get done and do not even know how to start. Maybe you do not know how much time you will spend writing an essay – 1 hour or 4 hours? The idea of studying 4 hours straight just keeps you in a bed watching some stupid TV shows.

There is a simple solution: decide that you will study only 25 minutes, no more, and set a timer. Try not to get distracted by your phone and social media during those 25 minutes. And after that period of time, you can rest again. There is a trick here: the first step is the most important, so after those 25 minutes you will probably spend more time to finish your task.

For example, the Pomodoro Technique implies 25-minute study session and a 5-minute break. You can look for a phone app with the same name to track your progress.

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