Things You Surely Don’t Need to Bring to the Dormitory

Student’s Dormitory

One of the most enjoyable events during this summer was a notification of acceptance to the university, wasn’t it? After a long period of preparation for exams, passing SAT, GRE, etc., finally, you are applied to the desirable university. On this matter, you are starting to prepare for the new stage of your life.

Entering a university or college implies the perspective of living in the dormitory. This may become a challenge for you as you are supposed to get accustomed to the noise and fun. Moreover, you are obliged to furnish your room regarding your preferences and neighbors. Nevertheless, while preparing for the dormitory don’t forget about these tips which we have given below. Please, pay attention to these things which you shouldn’t bring, and watch your parents who will help you to package.

Too Much Products

It is well-known fact that parents try to give you as much food as possible because it is a kind of horror films for them to imagine that you may be hungry. Tons of sausages and jams will be unnecessary for you. Moreover, unfortunately, products have the ability to spoil which could lead to undesirable consequences such as stink. Your neighbors will not be happy about such a present.

Huge Library

Are you afraid of getting bored? That’s why you are going to take 10 or 15 books with yourself? Please, be realistic. Of course, students read a lot of materials and reading books has a positive impact on your intelligence, but don’t exaggerate. Obviously, the university has a lot of libraries which propose books on different subjects. Therefore, you will be able to get any desirable book regardless of its price. Moreover, the access to the internet may facilitate the situation.

Enormous Chest of Drawers

First and foremost, it refers to girls. We know that you need an enormous chest of drawers in order to put your clothes in. We know that you have to bring lots of clothes in order to be beautiful at classes and stylish at parties. Yes, we know this. Nevertheless, don’t rush and exaggerate. Your room isn’t so spacious as Kim Kardashian's apartments. Therefore, you should save space because you need to have a working area where you might be preparing for exams, making presentations or writing essays, and relax area where you can take a nap or just have a chat with your friends. On this point, think about the size of your wardrobe.

Lots of Household Appliances

Coffee Machine, Hairstyler and Toaster

Kettle, hairstyler, microwave – these are a cool stuff. However, if you are going to bring a toaster, coffee, and washing machine – stop. Don’t forget that it is a dormitory and, as a result, there is a particular limitation regarding such devices. Moreover, you should follow particular rules regarding fire safety. Also, it is quite hazardous to keep all these devices in one room. So, weigh the pros and cons and choose devices which are really needed.

Terrible Mood

This is a dormitory, and your bad mood doesn’t suit the atmosphere. Come on, you are a student! You might have difficulties but with time dormitory will become your truly home. So pack you stuff, your positive emotions and move closer to your dream.

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