Asian Market: Students on the Crossroads

Thinking Student

Before going to the university all students start thinking about their future job. Where would they like to work? Sitting in the office all day long and staring at the computer screen. Maybe, it will be a job connected with outdoors activities. Also, you may think about the country you would like to work and to live in. If you are keen in languages there won’t be any problems trying your skills abroad. What kind of work should it be? You may become an inventor and put your life to create something new in this world or run your own busyness in tourism. So, which field of study to choose and which geographical location would that be?

  • Firstly, you will think about your interests.
  • Secondly, what options do you have in choosing a field of study? That can be linguistics, science, economics etc.
  • Thirdly, you will search whether such workers are needed in the market.

Let’s say, you are interested in Far East countries. That may happen because of different reasons: unique cultures, unusual languages, and respectfulness towards Japanese economics or Chinese customs etc. Imagine you decided to become an interpreter of Korean language. Is there a need in you? Wouldn’t it be better to study English or German? Let’s look it up!

Advantages of Choosing Far East

Winner In Business
  • Less competition. Top popular languages to learn are: English, German, Spanish and French. Just think of how many students choose these language courses and in the end don’t use them in work! On the other hand, knowing Japanese, Chinese or Korean languages will always be an advantage. You will be a demanded employee, and even if your job has no relations to the country you studied in, it is always possible to take an extra work as a freelancer.
  • Asia is one of the most dynamic regions in the world. There is no way you won’t find a market niche for yourself, would it be a work for an international company or your own business.
  • Wide job variety from developing high technologies in Japan up to tourism business in Korea.
  • Korean wave: new growing market. For the last two decades South Korea gained high popularity in the world. Even though everything started with K-Pop and dramas, now this country is also well-known for its remarkable cuisine, mobile phones, cloth and many others.
  • Another plus for choosing Asian market is a high salary. It is thought that Asian languages are more difficult to learn, so the payment should be higher. Even a newbie an interpreter will get more money than your colleague, who knows Spanish.

Difficulties on the Way to Asia

Difficult Chinese
  • Difficult languages. Again the same topic: how difficult it is to learn Asian language. The only truth you should understand is that there is no such a thing as easy language. European languages may seem easier because you learned English before, so it looks simple to understand French or Italian. Asian languages are totally different so you can’t make any logical parallels. Just take your time and put an effort.
  • Less people speak English. Even if you have chosen to work with Asian countries it doesn’t mean you know their language. In that case be prepared that it is not like in Europe, where you will be able to speak English whenever you want. You may have hard times dealing with locals.
  • Cultural differences in business. Mind the country’s mentality! Learn how to do business with Asian people. Not only words but even gestures may be natural for you but offend your business partner.
  • Business trips and life abroad. If you decided to work for an international/foreign company, be ready either for the distant relationships with your relatives or to making a choice: your job VS family.

To sum up, if you have an interest in Asia, it is worth choosing Asian countries for your future career.

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