Student Tips. Simple Things to Reach Success. Part 2

Quotes About Success

Highly Persistent

Very successful people are also very persistent and determined to succeed. They will absolutely keep going and they have this hunger for success, not necessarily the financial one. They want to achieve their goals and to make sure that their expectations become reality. They want it more than they fear to fail. That is the key here: when you really want something, fear or those “what if?” questions will not stop you anymore.

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Be Proactive

Make sure that if you want to do something, you must simply go and do it. A lot of people find that they have some amazing ideas, that they want to be game-changers, but they just sit with this idea for so long waiting for the right time. A successful person is just a person who takes that idea and brings it to life without knowing exactly what will happen. Just because he/she wants it.

If you have an awesome idea, if you want to get somewhere in life, and if it seems to you that what you are doing now will not lead you anywhere, it can be really daunting. But you must believe in yourself and go for it.

Prioritize Tasks

To have time for everything, you should prioritize tasks that are of high value and importance. Make sure you do not waste your time on little things that will not bring you where you want to be.

For example, if you want to become a 4.0 student, you should be focused on studying and sometimes refrain from going to parties or movies. You can also ask us to help you with your homework.

If you want to earn money for traveling, you should spend your free time on your student job instead of having fun. It seems boring and sad, but when you achieve your goals, you will be much happier.

Fear of Never-Trying

Successful people have this fear of never-trying, which is more than their fear of failure. If this is true for you too, you will believe in yourself, you will not worry about all of those what-ifs. You should not let them stop you when it comes to achieving your goals and making your dreams come true. 

Practice Patience

Girl Practicing Meditation

Successful people are not necessarily patient, but they learn to be patient to reach their goals more easily and to communicate with people without any problems. You may be very impatient naturally, but university or work can show you that setting things right just takes a little bit more time than you initially expected.

Be Goal-Driven

Prosperous people are goal driven, in their mind they have a very clear vision of what they want to achieve. Make sure that you define what you want to get from your life and visualize it: make a vision board, have this constant reminder to motivate and inspire yourself.

Be Open-Minded

There are successful people who can be quite stubborn. But we genuinely think that they are open-minded, not just in business but in life in general, and that they don’t criticize others for their ideas, they listen to what other people say, and they want to hear different thoughts.

Some of the most wonderful ideas can be born in a large brainstorming session, so you should not be too closed-minded because successful people allow others to contribute to the success of the common business.

Forget about individualism and selfishness. These words are absent in the vocabulary of a person who is heading confidently towards his or her goal. If you do not want to stay at one place and strive to move, learn to work in a team. This is an essential step towards what you want.

Delegate Tasks

Office with Many People

When you are really successful, especially in your work, you will probably be really busy. So, you need to learn to delegate. This means not delegating everything to your colleagues, but knowing your strengths and those of other people, who can perform tasks at the proper level.

Be Flexible

In your future career you should not be tied to an outcome or a product as much as you are connected to your purpose. Successful people are open to change, they are not so attached to a product and a result, or to a way how it looks from the outside. They stick to what they really want to achieve or to the impact and difference they want to have in the world.

So, if you do not get the grade you want, remember that your main goal is developing and getting knowledge instead of just having good academic results that do not always reflect your real skills.

Continue Learning

Highly successful people constantly educate themselves: they read, they listen to podcasts, they always learn. When you have not so many school or university assignments, or when you are on vacation, you can still be hungry for knowledge. So, deepen it or go beyond your major and learn something totally new. For example, you can upgrade your computer skills or learn some arts. To reach your goals you should always strive for self-improvement.

Value Friends and Family

Having Fun with Family

Successful people do not just focus on work, they know that it's about balance. They realize how important relationships are and that we want to be able to share their success with other people. They make sure to surround themselves with happy and positive people and find time for their relationships.

You should not allow other facets of your life, such as your studies or work, to take priority over your relationships, especially for too long, no matter how busy you are. Life is really about sharing it with our family and friends, and you should know how much love and support means to them.

So, life is about learning and striving for self-improvement, and you definitely need to use a few of these tips in your daily routine. Maybe, there is one particular habit that will make a huge impact on your lifestyle, your happiness, your level of productivity, your well-being, your ability to succeed and achieve your goals, and your motivation.

So, we hope you will move forward and make your dreams come true! 

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