Tips on No-Drama Rooming with Your BFF

Friends’ Move-In

Hold on, only a couple of days left, and you and your BFF will become roommates! Exciting, huh? Yes, if you and your best friend have managed to stay in the same city after the high school graduation, you can officially be considered as lucky individuals. Even more so, considering that you will be roommates. But don’t get too excited, often sharing a living space with your BFF turns out not as effortless as hanging out together.

And if you don’t set any basic living-together rules from the very begging, there is a possibility you may have problems. So how to make sure all the roommate horror stories pass you by? Follow these small steps and your life with your BFF will be smooth and easy.


Rules are a necessary and unavoidable part irrespective of whether you believe in it or not, only a couple of days later you will most likely be driven crazy by half of the habits you’ll discover your besties has and vice versa. So be one who initiates the talk about the rules and bring up few points you’d wish to be clarified. Here are some possible examples:

  • Borrowing things (that is a number one cause of most of the roommates’ conflicts);
  • Sharing some of the food and things (like salt, sugar, toilet paper, soap, etc.);
  • Visitors (boyfriends or girlfriends, overnight stays);
  • Cleaning (is there going to be any schedule?).


The best way to prevent the upcoming conflicts and resolve all possible existing ones is a timely communication. When you feel some of your BFF habits makes you uncomfortable, don’t wait until it becomes a serious problem for you, talk to your friend right away. In any cases, when the issue is discussed in a friendly manner, the possibility of finding the solution to satisfy both of the sides is much higher. So always talk to your friend about everything that bothers you, but make sure this communication works from both sides. It means listening to your roommate's concerns and accepting them is as much important as voicing your own.

Befriend Other People

Friends Cooking

And we are not talking about Facebook or any other social accounts. No, we are talking about meeting and hanging out with other people besides your BFF. Your roommate best friend can become your only friend if you don’t put in any efforts to meet and associate with other people. College life is all about new acquaintances, different clubs attending and trying activities you’ve always wanted.

Having some personal time is crucial when you live together and, besides, imagine how fantastic it will be to come home in the evening and have a long discussion with your friend about everything each of you experienced during the day. But if you don’t spend time together at all, you may grow apart, and that is not a good thing to happen. So to prevent it, make sure to organize some roommates’ sessions together. Like one night a week you have to cook a dinner together, or every Sunday morning you go to your favorite cafe and have a joint lunch.

In this way, each of you will have some personal time for meeting with classmates or visiting some clubs according to your spheres of interest, but you will know that your BFF is still your BFF and will never disappear anywhere.

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