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Ordering custom academic papers is getting easier and faster with! Our team is very glad to inform all customers and blog readers about the wide range of services our company offers, providing them without delays for affordable prices 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are going to tell you a lot of great things that would concern the opportunities you receive by default when making your orders with us as well as the ways you can use these opportunities to gain as much benefit from them as possible!

Hope, you are sitting comfortably on your chair or, maybe, sofa, as we have prepared some really great news for you, so it will take you some time to take a look at them here. So, check your connection to the Internet, see whether you have enough light around you and get ready to start! This day our custom paper writing service is going to:

  1. tell you more about significant improvements in the communication and interaction between our support department managers and customers;
  2. clarify some essential aspects of our work on every order, so that you could be 100% confident about the quality and timeliness of our performance;
  3. list the whole array of paper categories that are always available for ordering; besides you will be able to explore a wide number of additional options that can be ordered for extra payment (that is for the one not included into the total cost of your paper);
  4. provide you with some details of our pricing (and throw out to you some ideas on how you can lower the cost of your order or even get a discount);
  5. give an explanation for the system of personal data protection and customers’ paper content security;
  6. describe the advantages of becoming a regular customer of our company.

Some General Words About

Nowadays we are the successful company with a wealth of experience, thousands of satisfied customers and grand plans for perfecting our custom paper writing service with real groundwork which has already proven worthwhile. All members of our professional team have passed the specially designed tests, which were aimed to check the knowledge and skills they would need for their work, and confirmed their competence. So, we are sincerely proud of the high quality of our performance, whether it regards the flawless work of our writers, the careful and responsible approach of our editors, or the round-the-clock readiness of our support team managers to take your orders and answer your questions.

We realize that the World Wide Web is actually growing into the more and more easily-accessed virtual space. In addition, its creators and developers have made it not just repeat some aspects of our everyday life (like shopping or watching movies, for example), but also improve them considerably. That’s why we have strived for catching up with the most popular recent tendencies, which the information technology progress just can’t go without, and for updating our services constantly.

Besides, we regularly analyze the most probable topical requests that can relate to any aspect of our work, basing on what our customers tend to order and the questions we are frequently asked. The results of such analysis play a great role in our tireless efforts to make the service as customer-friendly as possible, concerning not only the choice of options, but also the price range, quality of delivery and many other essential components.

So, let’s see how it all works in practice! Below you will find a good deal of useful info which can help you navigate through the services on our website better as well as learn more about the benefits and opportunities you get when entrusting your assignment to our team!

Let’s Keep in Touch Easily

Laptop and Cellphone

Whatever happens, however close your deadline is and wherever you are at the moment (provided that you have an access to the Internet and your phone can receive calls), you can stay sure that the team of our custom paper writing service is always ready to help you and hence minimize your stress and anxiety. The well-organized work of our website and the company’s quick response strategy are those key principles which we firmly stick to and which simply eliminate any technical defects and other kinds of mistakes.

It means that each customer, regardless of whether he/she has an account on our website or not, can easily get in touch with our support manager at any time of the day. Besides, we attach big significance to the fact that quick reply isn’t just a helpful feature which characterizes any self-respecting company. To a great extent, it is a guarantee of somebody’s success if not the main power which can save the situation literally.

That is why we would like to tell you more about how we maintain the round-the-clock interconnection between our company and all our customers. Have a look below!

  • Different ways of connection:
    1. our support team has observed that most customers tend to use live chat to get in touch with us or make a phone call;
    2. on the “Contact us” page you can also fill out a special form mentioning more details of your inquiry;
    3. after our writer is assigned to your order, you can contact him/her from your personal account without the assistance of our support manager.
  • Our response and support: besides the fact that our support department works 24 hour a day (so you will immediately get the answer to your question whenever you ask it), we always send notifications to inform all our customers about any upgrades of our services, changes of their order statuses and about other situations which may emerge in the course of the work.
  • Secure system of verification: it eliminates the possibility of making a mistake when you type your phone number in the order form. As it is very important for us to be able to contact you on the phone, the number verification stands in a good stead for our trouble-free communication.

On Guard of Quality and Originality

Police Officer

Above we have mentioned that all members of our team must pass the special tests. So, the linguistic competence of our writers and editors is checked very seriously and responsibly as well. What is more, our custom paper writing service uses the high-quality software that determines originality of writers’ texts. And now let’s find out how it all usually happens!

  • All our tested writers hold master or doctoral degrees in various fields of science. That is why on our website you can order not only high school or college essays, but also research papers and even theses or dissertations. Every writer is obliged to check the completed paper for plagiarism and make sure it is 100% unique. (Read about the Turnitin reports below.)
  • The professional editors of our Quality Department check every paper, and only after this the support manager will upload yours onto your personal account. Besides, in case the customer requests, our editor will make the Turnitin report with the help of the auxiliary program, which resembles Turnitin detection system. Its great advantage lies in the fact that it doesn’t save the checked content. So, when your paper is run through Turnitin plagiarism checker as it is, the percent of originality will be similar to the one in the report you’ve got from us.

Check All Our Services Below

Here is the table with all services we provide. Please pay attention that the options mentioned as “additional” will require extra payment. The features of pricing are described in the following paragraph.

Main Services

Academic writing

Every academic paper ordered by you will be written from scratch. In the special window of the order form you can select the assignment you need. We won’t exaggerate saying that you may find the choice really impressive. In addition to this all, in the bottom of the form you can see the special bottom “Add files”: in case you have some materials or sources on which your paper should be based, don’t hesitate to upload them. We guarantee their security!

Business writing

This service includes business content writing as well as composing cover letters, resumes and CVs. In case you are ordering one the latter two business papers, please pay attention to the following: you will need to provide the draft of your own resume or CV, as these documents contain personal information. Our writer can change up to 70% and 30% respectively. Your instructions are very welcome and will be also taken into account as well!

Editing services

On our custom paper writing service we generally use this umbrella term for the three services: rewriting, editing and proofreading. All of them can be ordered under the condition that you already have the text which needs certain amendments.

  • The first type of editing services implies that your draft text will be rewritten so considerably that only 30% of the original will be saved.
  • The second type implies that 30% of changes will be made to the original text.
  • The third service involves only “cosmetic” emendations, that is the check of word spelling, grammar and sentence punctuation.
Additional Services

Writer’s category

In case you may have some requirements for the person who will be assigned to work on your order, you have a possibility to choose the writer with higher competence.

Writer’s samples

Before your personal writer starts working on the assignment, you can have a look at his or her own texts. We must make a remark that these texts are NOT the previously completed orders. Mostly they are test papers which our new writers must complete during the examination.

Paper summary

Sometimes, depending on the type of the paper, our customers need to have a summary of it. We ask to mention this very instruction separately, so that it isn’t missed under any circumstances.

Nota Bene!

When you make your order with our custom paper writing service, please carefully check the deadline featured by each type of available papers, as it is not the same. Also, when ordering an academic paper, you will need to choose the respective level, so please be aware. In the end, do not forget to mention the required citation style for the references.

Know What You Pay For

We have decided that it would be more convenient for our customers not only to see the standard prices per one page, which depend on the academic level required, but also to have a clear understanding of how the total sum is counted while he/she is filling in the custom form. Besides, we would like to remind you that with our custom paper writing service you can receive a title page and references absolutely for free! However, if you still would like to lower the total cost of your order, try out the following tips:

  • check your deadline: make sure you still have enough time before the day-X of handing in the assignment; the more time you give your writer the less you need to pay.
  • order less pages: again, if you understand that you have some time, order only a part of your paper with us;
  • just trust us and don’t order additional services: we guarantee the prime quality of our performance whether you choose them or not;
  • ask for a discount: yes, just ask your support manager for it.

Vouching for Personal Data Protection

It’s true that in order to purchase something online, even if it’s just a college essay, you need to leave very important information about you: your name, your contacts and, of course, the number of your bank card. So, one of our biggest aims is to protect your personal data as well as the content of the files you send to us and we send to you.

You can be sure that only a few specialists of our company have the access to customers’ data, while absolutely no one has any access to the information on your credit/debit card or PayPal account. Our Privacy Policy can provide more details on the issue in case you are interested.

Keep Calm and Choose Us

The thing is that each of our regular customers is approached individually and provided with professional assistance 24/7. Besides, before holidays we are always happy to treat every customer with such nice things as discount codes. Our team strives (and manages) to keep up with the pace of newer demands for and general development of online services of different kinds. So, we can claim confidently that we are contemporary and trustworthy professionals who will help you succeed with your writing in any situation!

Thank you for choosing us!

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