7 Topics for the Best College Term Paper in Biology


Probably, Biological Sciences, including Biology itself, take their roots from our ancestors’ desire to understand their human existence and the life they could see all around them. Since ancient times and the first efforts of curious, enthusiastic people’s minds to explain the surrounding world every new discovery has brought the humanity closer to the understanding of the most intricate laws of Nature.

Be sure studying Biology at college was the right decision of yours. You’ve provided yourself with a great opportunity to get to the heart of various phenomena and processes, which make up what is called life on the planet Earth. And, maybe, even beyond it.

We understand that such kind of motivation might not boost your aspiration to write a term paper very much. But how about looking through some interesting issues for the research you’ll have to do anyway?

Don’t postpone the choice of a topic until the night before the Day X. As you are here at the moment, we’d like to offer you to look through some ideas to develop in your paper and some tips on how to do it really impressively. Looks like we can start right now!

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Can Organ Cloning Really Work? If Yes, Then How?

No doubt, it is amazing that modern science is capable of creating exact copies of living beings. Although cloning is still a very controversial issue, we can’t but realize the absolutely practical benefits of this achievement.

So, instead of wasting your time on philosophizing what’s good and bad about it, consider the possibility and consequences of successful organ cloning in your term paper.

In the world of science and medicine this procedure is commonly known as human therapeutic cloning. And the hopes pinned on it are surprisingly high. First and foremost, the smart use of human stem cells to create new organs will lower the general risk of a transplant, when a patient’s body is extremely likely to reject a donor’s organ.

Besides, therapeutic cloning can solve the problem of the very search for organ donors. The current demand for transplants exceeds their availability. So, if scientists manage to create exact functional copies of human organs and are given green light to use them in real-life practice, many people will get a sure chance of healthy life.

Are Humans Sure That They Can’t Cure Incurable Diseases?

Doctor and Happy Patient

Although the conclusions you’ll have to draw for a term paper on such topic might appear quite discouraging, we still recommend you focusing on scientists’ efforts to come up with effective treatments for some of the most dangerous diseases. For example, you can do research on cancer, polio and HIV/AIDS.

Dig deeper into the nature of these diseases, try to find out why modern biology and medicine can’t come up with the right way to fight them once and for all. Also, check the information on whether these particular diseases or their progression can be prevented, how a mere mortal can distinguish their signs, and what scientists do to create the remedies.

To sum up, you can express your own opinion on the chances of scientists’ success in finding the cures. However, make sure you base it on the facts you refer to in the body part of your term paper, and not on fantasies, however optimistic they may be.

How Do Hormones Influence Our Sleep?

Hormones are specific chemical messengers that control most of bodily functions as well as our emotions and cognitive abilities. Obviously, there are hormones that regulate our sleep, as well as some other states like doze or drowsiness.

You certainly know that they still need more research, as even today scientists don’t have a clear picture of what happens inside the human body, and inside the brain in particular, when we fall asleep or just “take a nap”. But our comprehension of which hormones condition sleep and how exactly they do it can provide us with some keys to deeper knowledge of ourselves.

When you’re writing a Biology research paper on such topic, pay attention to the functions of particular hormones that control the states which are somehow different from wakefulness and consciousness, including even faint. Also, check what happens in the brain and how it functions in those states.

After you present the well-known and deeply researched facts, muse over the issues which still remain unclear to science. Your considerations can become a good base for the conclusion of your paper.

What Is So Essential About Blood Types?

This is a lavish topic to research into. You can start from the history of the discovery of blood types, describing how Karl Landsteiner conducted the experiments and how Jan Jansky came up with the classification of blood.

Don’t forget to devote a few paragraphs to the main components, structure and functions of blood. Based on the knowledge about them, you can write about the importance of the discovery, highlighting how it helped solve some particular medical challenges.

Also, you should definitely mention the intricacies and risks of blood transfusion, which modern scientists and doctors are still facing nowadays. If you have time to dive deeper into this issue, try to come up with solutions for preventing any possible negative consequences of the operation.

What Are the Mysteries of a DNA Sequence?

The discovery of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) began a whole revolution in biology and medicine. All genetic information, which is so essential for development, normal functioning and reproduction of each living organism, appears to be “coded” in specific molecules. But what’s more important, it’s now possible for people to decipher this information and use it to discover more about themselves and the nature. Learn more about DNA here.

Besides, the knowledge of DNA sequences helps specialists in very different spheres to continue researching into the very complex issues and to make new astonishing discoveries. By the way, it’s a good idea to highlight in your term paper which opportunities the understanding of the features of DNA provides to biologists, geneticists, anthropologists and other scientists.

Also, we recommend you paying attention to the controversial or simply unknown facets of DNA sequencing. You can choose to research more either on the theory of this process or on its practical side.

What Does Human Free Will Depend On?


At first sight it may seem that such topic is self-contradictory in its essence. However, the answer to this question may be quite striking if scientists manage to find it and, what’s really crucial, be absolutely sure of their rightness.

There is an idea, and it’s truly difficult to consider it silly, that our preferences, decisions, choices are determined by the results of natural chemical reactions in our brains and bodies. Simply put, when you believe that you’re fully responsible for choosing red and not green socks, your choice has been preformed by the way your brain perceives and interprets colors. So, it’s not you who decides to buy the red socks, it’s your brain tells you that you must by them.

Sure, it’s a primitive example for a decent term paper in Biology. But we hope you got the idea. You can orient your own research to moral dilemmas, aggressive behavior, spontaneous decisions and so on.

What Is the Essence of Homosexuality?

It has been proved that this phenomenon is not something out of the ordinary in the animal world. Of course, it’s still not a norm. But seemingly, it’s not something humans should discriminate, as it may be a part of the nature of a living being.

The core of homosexuality remains unclear to modern biology, medicine and psychology. There are some assumptions that it takes its roots from genetic or hormonal disorders. At the same time, even some scientists support the idea that it’s just a matter of personal choice.

Do some research if you’re interested in this issue and express your view on its essence. However, remember that your writing should be unbiased and shouldn’t discriminate other people’s opinions and choices.

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