Tips to Find a Balance Between Work and Study

Work Study Balance

Almost every student knows the feeling when he/she understands that it is time to find your first real job and begin to be a breadwinner by yourself. It can be full- or part-time work, anyway, it is a great step on the way toward an entrance into an adult life. Underway to your plans, the main challenge to face is to cope with time management and organize the life in the way it will suit you, and not the other way around. How to balance your life working and studying simultaneously not forgetting about personal stuff? – answers and tips on this question you will find further in this article.

Schedule Reorganization

As soon as you got a class syllabi for every subject (documents created by professor or instructor to help you during the studying process and that point out the main submission dates, requirements, literature, and tasks to submit), create written or an online calendar where you are to put all important dates. After that, add to your schedule all your working days with regard to the time frames. Such procedure makes you to be up to speed on the situation in your life. Just stick to the plan!

“Deadlines for Losers” – Get out of It!

The typical situation for a student is to start working with assignment in the last couple of days in the best-case scenario, and in the worst case, in the last hours before submission. We all devoutly believe in all these internet mems that illustrate the insignificance of education and the coolness to make everything at the eleventh hour. Such approach is totally detrimental for the personality, being a member of society, as well as for the educational process, in general. As far as a similar way of thinking can easily lead to the exclusion from a university or a college and in future be a reason for a common social unacceptance of this person, beginning from professional life and ending with family relations.

Study Everywhere

Have you ever noticed that during our day, we have many little time gaps while going to the office or study campus from another part of city with a bus or city train. Usually, we just look through the window at passing by landscape, people, or clouds, thinking and dreaming about impossible situations in your life. Whole these precious minutes can be used to study and make such types of assignments as, for instance: Watch educational videos, read text-books, listen radio-blogs, or additional audio materials from teacher. When you go with a train, you can even cope with essay writing or your work-book re-reading.

Multi-Tasking Is not so Good

Composing the resume/CV, we know that every self-respecting applicant must include such skill as multi-tasking, true it or not. However, in most cases, to be multitasking in the context of a work-study balance can be rather destructive. Most often, it happens in a such sequence: You begin making one task, unexpectedly remember that you should be at work in a half an hour. There, during a lunch break, you are trying to continue what you have started before. Unfortunately, exactly now you have lost all your inspiration and forgot the previous ideas. In such rhythm, energy consumption is higher. One task that could be completed for two hours, at the end, takes three and a half because of interrupted balance, which is very fragile in the context of real life obstacles. The best option is to end one task and, then, with a clear mind go ahead with another one. Read more here.

Eliminate Distraction

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Nowadays, it is rather hard to imagine our world without gadgets and social networks. We literally need them as the elongation of our right hand. But even a slight social networks addiction dramatically influences on the total day productivity. It can seem that checking mail box at the morning, answering all the messages on Facebook, twitting what you are thinking at 1 p.m., and posting on Instagram how you are looking out with a cup of coffee at the end of working day are inherent actions. Nonetheless, it just shows that you do have time for such stuff instead of real work or study. You will never see the photos of your boss or teacher in the middle of working day (that is because they are busy enough and cannot allow themselves hanging around the office).

Find Job to Improve Your Skills

Why not to start improving your career future prospects beginning to work in your field already now. Such approach can be beneficial for both your studying process as well as for your future after graduation. First of all, you will have the opportunity to apply on practice all theory received in the university on lectures. It, without doubt, will make it lighter for you to write essays, research papers, or any other course tasks because you will be able to describe your own experience and ask your colleagues as professionals in certain area to assist you. More information here

Take a Deep Breathe

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Planning, making graphs, highlighting everything in your checklist with bright markers, for sure, these all are very useful things when you are trying to manage time and find your own work study balance style. But, indeed, it can just create illusion that you make something with your life. In reality, you can forget about your schedule app in the telephone in a week. The best recommendation is to let a leisure time for the soul and body, at least one hour in a day. When you forget about your health, mental and physical, all your plans will mean nothing. There will be just enormous desire to sleep and to throw away all planners and bright markers.

To conclude, do not forget listen to your body and feelings. They are those indicators that will direct you toward the right direction. Always remember your final goal. Working and studying can be difficult just for those who do not know for what they are doing it. Anyway, studying is just a stage in your life, but if you are not able to cope even with this step, then for what are you useful at all?

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