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In the 21st century, brevity became the soul of not only wit, but also a close friend of most Internet owners. Brevity is sometimes a close relative of saving time and money.

Be sure, by sending another "SY" (see you), that the interlocutor will understand you correctly. Also, we advise you not to write such messages to older people and do not forget that in oral speech such words sound at least strangely and frightening for your grandmother.

How not to get lost in the world of abbreviations read below and right now!


This abbreviation politely reminds that only "In My Humble Opinion." The abbreviation "FYI" means, in its turn, “For Your Information.:


This is not a clothing or car brand. English native speakers just convert in such a way a good old-fashioned "thanks" into a more convenient "tnx", "thx," or "thanx." Also, you can write the phrase "thank you" as the acronym "ty."


It is just an acronym for "Laughing Out Loud" or "Lots Of Laughs.” Be careful, because some innocent "LOL" can be regarded as a dull laugh like "gee-gee-gee" or skeptical "ha-ha, how funny." And if you like good jokes and are ready to live your “lol” in comments, this article about English humor can be of interest for you.

Cool Teenagers

NP and YW

Polite people respond to "thank you" with the words "you are welcome." In the swirl of modern life, they cut down the solemn "You're welcome" to "yw." "NP" means just a simple and carefree "no problem."


Let us continue the lesson of English computer-sms politeness: both "PLZ" and "PLS" are decoded as "please."

What Does XOXO Mean?

“XOXO” is a symbolic illustration of the action "hugs and kisses.” Where is the logic? The letter "X" resembles the lips and means a kiss. Someone considers "X" to be a symbol of two kissing people, then the left and right halves are presented as separate lips. The letter "O" symbolizes the embrace between the kissing people.


Do you know how to laugh to the pain in the muscles of the press? In English, "ROFL" means the same thing: Rolling On the Floor Laughing.


Do not understand what is happening, taken aback at what you saw, genuinely perplexed? «WTF» can really come in handy! Meaning "what the hell? " has a compact version in the form of "wtf ".


In this phrase, you can imply a huge range of emotions from joy to disgust. "OMG" stands for "Oh, my God!"

Chatting by Phone


Is your busy conversation interrupted by a phone call? And then, the phrase "there is no time to explain, I will be soon" goes into three letters "brb" - an abbreviation for the phrase "be right back." Usually, after "brb," they write the reason for absence, for example: "brb, mom's calling" or "brb, someone at the door,"


This awfully long word "Really", meaning "truth," is reduced to "RLY" in messages.


Besides, the acronym "BTW" stands for "By The Way" or " among other things."

AFK or g2g

You have to be away from your favorite computer? Need to tear yourself away from a keyboard? Hurry to tell it in 3 symbols "AFK" (Away From Keyboard) or "g2g"/"GTG" (Got To Go) – it is time to go.


Do you want to express your opinion with some degree of uncertainty? Then, safely use a tactful acronym "AFAIK" (As Far As I Know).


The hard rock band "AC/DS" and the official abbreviation in physics "alternating current/direct current" can nothing to do with this Internet abbreviation. In slang, the expression "AC/DC" means "bisexual". The abbreviation caused scandalous rumors about the members of the famous band. If you are interested in another slang expression of the word "bisexual" in America, here it is – "each way."


At the bottom of the invitation to the party, you can find an incomprehensible "BYOB?" The hosts politely warn: snacks are at their expense, but take care of drinks. "Bring Your Own Bottle" or just "grab a bottle."


If you see your friend with an unzipped zipper on his/her trousers? Tell him "XYZ", and he/she will understand everything. "XYZ" – instead of a thousand words. It means "Examine Your Zipper."


"SY" is the phrase "See you!" Why should you bother with the whole 6 characters? "SY" or "CYA", or even "CU" is just right!

If you want to know even more abbreviations and acronyms, this list can come in handy!

We hope that the article has explained to you what you long wanted to ask the all-knowing Google, but did not dare to spend a couple of minutes. Abbreviations and acronyms, like all in this world, are good when used reasonably. THX, GTG, SY!

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