Analytical, Persuasive, and Critical Writing: What`s the Difference?

Academic Writing

If you have a well-thought-out opinion on a certain matter, why on earth you`re supposed to use weirdly structured patterns in order to fulfill someone`s expectations about your writing abilities? An essay is a way to express your creativity, individuality, and, of course, your opinion on a matter even if it`s a subjective one. Or so you thought. But when the university reality rushed into your life, breaking everything like a powerful hurricane, you realized that academic writing required following the rules.

The worst and most complicated part is that there are different rules for each type of academic writing. Have you noticed that we missed the fourth type that can be found on a usual list? This academic squad will hang out without a descriptive type because it`s simple, and you`ll rarely get an assignment like writing a descriptive essay. It usually serves as a structural part of other kinds of academic works. If you still need to submit a descriptive essay or any other type of essay, you can just address a high-quality website which will provide you with help in no time. But how can you choose the right one? It`s simple because our online homework help will work like a magic trick.

It often happens that students don`t see the difference between the most common types of academic writing. You may create a solid work with a good factual basis and well-balanced analysis and still get bad grades. It`s all about the style of your writing and the way you state arguments and come up with conclusions. Let`s see what can go wrong and how to avoid it.

It Seems That You`re Too Bad at Logic

We`re starting with the analytical type and trust me, it`s the simplest one on this list. What is more, it will be your only first step to good solid academic works. A mega important part of writing any analytical type of work is gathering information. Look through different sources, compare various opinions on the matter, group your arguments, and find a logical classification of those groups.

Let`s say, you need to write an analytical essay about the rising popularity of body positivity culture in society. You need to find relevant statistical data, find out about social media influence, and look through the body positivity accounts of Instagram. You are supposed to conduct massive research and write down a plan of your work. It can be reasons of origin of body positivity movement, the current support that it gets from society, and its future perspective. It`s a chronological structure. You can introduce it as pros and cons. Now, it`s time to get to real challenges.

Who Is Going to Persuade?

If you learn how to nail this type of academic writing, it will be your next super important step on your way to success. Evidence is the key of a persuasive essay. No matter what you`re writing about, you need to provide the proof that your analysis is relevant and sources of information you use are trustworthy. Always add a few different interpretations to your text so it will look more objective and unbiased. Even if you`re sure that a certain approach to a problem is rightful, you still need to mention a couple of alternatives because a true scientist always assums that there are other ways, and he/she respects alternative options proposed by other people.

If we`re talking about persuasion, then some psychological tricks can be applied here as well. No, we won`t teach you any manipulative moves so you can somehow affect your professor’s subconscious. Your essay should have a neat structure, it has to be chopped in passages which will preferably have similar length. A messy text isn`t perceived well by our eyes no matter how valid its content is.

Hardcore Academic Writing

Critical type of writing is usually considered to be super advanced, so if you`re a first-year student, it`s highly unlikely that you`ll get an assignment like this. The main difference between persuasive and critical types of writing is that the first one requires one solid opinion from you, and the second one expects you to compare your opinion with at least two other relevant opinions of well-respected scientists. Practically, critical essay gathers all features of other types in a balanced way. You`re supposed to evaluate something (a magazine or a movie, for example), to debate, to critique, and to agree or to disagree. Yes, it sounds very complicated, but as a student you are supposed to figure out that the university life consists only of challenges, and if it`s too easy, it means that you`re living it wrong.

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