Best Tips on Writing a Scholarship Essay


The amount of money you or your parents have shouldn`t determine your future. At least, that`s how the ideal world works. Look around. Do you find many perfect features in the universe that surrounds you right now? I knew it! So, the rule with money never works. All those banknotes aren`t supposed to decide your fate, but usually, they do, and there is nothing you can do about it.

In order to get a cool job and earn enough money to buy a gold Louis Vuitton toilet seat (yes, surprisingly enough, those actually exist, and I have no idea why you would need one of them, but luxury is luxury) you need to graduate from your college. And prior to that event, you need to enter a college or university. What can stand in the way to your dream? Money issue, of course! It`s always about money. And a little bit about your intellectual capacities. Okay, maybe a bit more than little.

If a student loan isn`t an option for you and you`re not one of Elon Musk`s kids, then we suggest you try to get a scholarship which will cover all expenses. Many universities have them nowadays, and it`s not absolutely necessary for you to be a brainiac because achievements in sport, art, or any other interesting sphere will do the trick.

Don`t forget that getting a scholarship is only the first step. It`s easy to lose the university`s money if you don`t study hard enough. In case you`re behind on your assignments and you need some professional help with academic writing, there is our team of cheap yet professional essay writers that will be more than happy to give you a hand.

The first step to receiving a scholarship or grant is writing a motivational essay. We`ll teach you how to nail it.

Take Some Time to Digest an Idea

A scholarship essay is a task that you need to treat with maximal responsibility. It`s your future that is at stake after all. So, don`t rush into writing, take your time, think it through, write down all ideas that pop up in your head and dedicate a few days to prepare. Yes, my dear friend, you don`t just start writing such a serious essay right away. It`s not like any other home assignment. You need to focus on the process of brainstorming and ways of making it more productive. Then you need to make up your mind and choose the writing style.

There are two approaches that are widely popular among students. You can either surf the Internet reading dozens of examples and get inspired by ideas of other people. Or you can come up with something absolutely extraordinary, unique, and unprecedented. However, remember that some universities may have very specific requirements when it comes to the scholarship essay. It`s okay to embrace your creativity when you`re applying for a grant in journalism, art, architecture or design.

You`d rather concentrate your energy and enthusiasm on the actual information and content of your work if it`s engineering, science, etc. We won`t say it`s easy, but the least we can do for you is suggesting our high-quality Internet service which will make the process of essay writing so much easier for you. A pleasant bonus is the fact that you can avail it absolutely at any time.

Can You Call This an Achievement?

The mere purpose of a scholarship essay is to show that you`re worthy and you`re better than all those losers who`re also applying. It was just our attempt of a pep talk. Anyway, your mission here is to keep a perfect balance between your narcissistic self and a shy puppy. It`s important to create an impression of a confident person and a team player. The best way to do this is by listing your achievements.

Of course, don`t just start your essay with: “Dear committee, I`m just awesome because I have an Olympic gold medal”. A decent, polite, and respectful greeting is crucial and only after this, you can finally start bragging. The hardest task is to tell whether a certain achievement can be considered to be an actual achievement. Never ask your mom about it! Just never. You always will be an ingenious multi-talented little pumpkin for her, so you can`t expect an objective evaluation of your skills from your mother.

It`s a common mistake when students mention only huge actual accomplishments and fail to add some interesting episodes from their lives that could be backed up by a phrase: “What doesn`t kill you makes you stronger”. Factors of personal growth and life situations which shaped your true personality, courage or self-confidence are much more valuable than a prize that you got on a scientific contest at middle school. Besides, if you manage to explain why exactly you think that a certain moment of your life can be called an achievement, then even minor and seemingly meaningless episodes will be developed into powerful and mind-shaping events.

Imagine That You`re on the First Date

First date

Seriously, it`s the best psychological technique for writing a scholarship essay. What`s the purpose of all the first dates? To get to know the other person! And absolutely everybody is lying about their preferences, hobbies, and interests on the first date because they desperately want the other person to like them. That`s where all these “I do yoga every morning” and “I am a volunteer at a dog shelter”, and “I love long walks on the beach” come from. You want to make the right impression, and this is your mission here.

Let`s be honest, the truth is optional in this situation. Too much information though is a pure crime. You may tell about your hobbies and give an explanation why you think a certain activity suits you best and how it develops you physically and mentally. Also, it`s important to talk about your preferences in art, literature, and music. Obviously, there is no need to go on and on about how much you love “Arctic Monkeys”, for example, and you definitely shouldn`t mention that you`re a Believer or a Directioner. The information that will give the general impression of your personality will be enough.


So, you`ve written about your achievements and interests so far, now it`s time for personal stories. Let me remind you one more time that truth is optional, but if you decide to fabricate a story, don`t borrow a book or a movie plot. You don`t want to be exposed, right? You need to share a story about a personal experience that has become a life-changing event for you. It has opened your eyes and changed your perception of the world. Firstly, you`ll be able to show your excellent narrative skills, and the university committee will be reading your essay with a genuine interest.

Secondly, it`s a psychological trick which helps you to foster a close bond with the audience. After reading your story, they would feel a personal attachment to you because you trust them enough to tell such story. Some people are generally not very good liars, or their parents raised them explaining the advantages of honesty, so those people may have a serious problem with a bogus personal experience tale. That`s what you need the Internet for where you can order essays online, enter the university of your dreams, and get that scholarship that you want so bad.

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