Living with Neighbors in Dormitory While Studying: Hell or Paradise?

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At all times, the humans as social beings had to be able to live together amicably. However, we all are unique creatures with nonrepeatable set of personal characteristics. Thus, it implies every individual reacts differently on the same life situation. In that regard, it is no wonder that for someone living in the dormitory with neighbors seems as absolute hell, when for another one the perspective to share the room with a neighbor appears only in the bright light of future benefits. In this manner, we would like to help those who are concerned with a future common living in dormitory.


Pound the Books but not Alone

Let’s imagine the situation: You are living alone at a flat. And you are making one of your numerous tasks for homework and stumble upon a really complicated one. Then, you start fitfully calling to your small number of groupmates who you know. A half is sleeping, another one does not know how to help, and the third part does not care at all and hangs up the phone at once. And here like a real wonder, your possible neighbor in dormitory could be really helpful or, at least, he/she would know to whom to go in the dormitory to get needed help. Believe, it is far easy to get the student out of room banging relentlessly on the room’s door than waiting for someone’s answer on another line end. Further read here.

Let’s Buy It Anyway!

To live alone is to take all responsibility for your budget also single-handedly. When you live in the dormitory with a neighbor of a couple of them, the issue to distribute budget becomes lighter. Therefore, for instance, you put up such part of your money, alongside with your neighbors, in the dormitory, which is enough, in the end, to buy all domestic washing media and household goods, which are supposed to be used by your neighbors and you on an equal basis. Moreover, the same scheme can work with foodstuffs. If you will know exactly the amount of consumed food products, all your roommates and you could buy them under the precise list. Moreover, do not forget the fact that when you are hungry, the best person on Earth appears in the face of your dormitory neighbor who can has package from grandmother, full of different tasty treats, or when you are not cashed up, then a neighbor can propose to go to the university canteen as a variant.

Friends Will be Friends

Two Guys Sitting on the Bed

When you move in the dormitory at your first year of study, you do not know for sure for what you have to wait for. But in one thing you can believe at once: There will be at least one person with whom you will be the best friends for life. I can even tell you one story from personal experience. When I was a student, and there was my first day in the dormitory, I got acquainted with my new neighbor. She was a girl with very sad face. From all her look, I understood that the first day in a new place appeared not so bright as for me. Being intrinsically commutative person, I suggested to go together to the mall and buy all needed things for dormitory. I still remember the end of those strange day; we were sitting on the bottom bunk of our two-tier bed, eating pickled mushrooms and loudly laughing from the jokes and funny moments that already filled out this first day for my new neighbor and me in a dormitory. We are the best friends for 6 years from that day.

Real Spirit of Dormitory

College Party

I am sure you heard this phrase frequently, but it is true. You were not studying in university, if you have not been living in a dormitory. Your room, entertainments, jollity, sleepless nights with books before exams – all these components make up an unforgettable color array that soon after the university graduation you will call as the best years in your life. However, these all are hardly imageable without your room neighbor that will share with you all you funny tricks and amusements, tell how to make the best fried potato at 3 a.m., and willingly discuss with you the philosophy of Kant at the same time. That is what I call the real spirit of dormitory.

School of Life

This phrase you can hear always from every graduated student and, of course, parents: “You will live in the dormitory. There you’ll see the real school of life!” And it is true! It is like aviation training program with the help of pattern model simulating a real flight. You will turn from as green as grass young person into mature individual, knowing how to communicate with different people, solve conflicts and problems, and being able to prepare dinner for six people without burning the kitchen out.


Bad Neighbor – Great Calamity

It can happen that all your bright expectations will be smashed to smithereens right after the moment you realize that your dormitory neighbor is no picnic and the life with him/her is going to be “funny.” Your neighbor can simply be a piggy wiggy, gamer, clubber, alcoholic, pick-uper, or just unpleasant person, in general. And according to the unwritten law of dormitory, even with such individuals you have to be able to live. In compensation, you can practice your tutoring talent, pointing to his/her mistakes, greasy dishes, and unaccepted behavior. Read more.

Dirty Student Room

There is no Place for You and only You

If you are an introvert, then I have for you a bad news: You will not have almost any minute for being alone in a personal room in a dormmate. You will be forced to wake up in the room with somebody and to go to bed under somebody’s snoring. If you want to lay on your bed quietly reading a book, there I always a chance that your neighbor is an outstanding guitar player who decided right now to practice.

All in all, the life in dormitory with a neighbor does not smell like roses. You will have to overcome many common misunderstandings and prejudices before you find peace in your room. However, it costs these efforts. At the end, you will find either a real friend or a good deal of ridiculous stories about your strange neighbor in the dormitory.

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