Pass Your Exams Successfully with Effective Techniques. Part 1

Ideas for Taking Notes

After some great strategies for taking notes during classes and some tips for dealing with stress before exams, we want to give you some tips for preparing for the exams. You should apply useful techniques so you can get good results: it is simpler than you think! A much simpler task is probably to order an essay on

Manage Your Time Smartly to Be More Productive

Study Schedule

To increase your productivity and, therefore, your efficiency, manage your time well. Divide your study sessions into blocks of 20 to 50 minutes. You can plan a different subject on each study session or even a certain topic. Organize your time to have several study sessions a week that you will allocate to the different classes. If you have more difficulties with any subject, give it more time.

You should not be afraid of not having enough time for other subjects. If there is a chance that you will get exactly the question you do not know, rest assured that you will get it. The main thing in preparation is to cover as many issues and questions as possible. If you can say at least a few sentences on each of them, this is the key to success. But if something is left uncovered, this can become not only a great risk but also a cause for an increased stress.

Get rid of the possibility of failure. Look through all the material. Perhaps some aspects will be studied rather superficially, but if you have at least some idea about them, then you can improvise or try to make logical analogies that your teacher might like. Professors do not like when all students respond equally according to the text of the abstract or textbook. They are interested in freedom of thought and your ability to draw your own conclusions. Therefore, you will even more likely benefit from the fact that something was not memorizeda by heart. If, of course, we are not talking about a mathematical formula.

Comfortable Place

Study Space

The place has a big impact on your efficiency. Choose something good: preferably a lit and quiet place, where you will not be disturbed every 5 minutes. Make sure you have everything you need: your books, a bottle of water/a cup of coffee, a snack, pencils, highlighters, stickers, notes, study cards, etc.

If you always get up to get something, you will not be effective in your studies, and keep your phone as far away from you as possible. You know how much it can distract you! Your Snapchat and text messages will wait.

If it helps you, you can listen to music while studying: some studies have shown that music helps with learning, but it depends on a person. If you want to listen to music while studying, we recommend you instrumental melodies only so that the lyrics might not distract you. You can also listen to the background sounds or classical music.

Set Your Priorities

List of Priorities

Classify your tasks and materials for the review in order of a priority just to spend time only where it is really needed. You can create a revision schedule to help you organize and see better what is the most important part in your preparation. Go ahead and divide your study process into smaller parts. It will seem easier and less discouraging for you.

When you have an idea of the amount of work, it seems to be more feasible, and the goals are more achievable. Uncertainty plays a bad role here: if you have no idea where the beginning and the end of all this work is, it definitely demotivates you and gives rise to various attempts to postpone your preparation. Do not give in to this desire and just do as we say. You will see how simple it is and how quickly it bears fruit.

Study at the Right Time

Morning is the perfect time – you have just woken up, all your senses are awake and your brain is ready to receive new information. Studying in the evening is not so bad, but you are tired after your busy day, you may have more difficulty in obtaining information and concentrating on different assignments. On the other hand, there are people whose peak of activity falls precisely on the night. In the morning, they are not capable of anything and wake up for a very long time, not being able to work productively until almost noon. Perhaps this is your type. In any case, work at the time when you are more efficient. You will progress much faster.

Use Different Study Methods

Group of Students

There are several study techniques that are developed to maximize your chances of success. You can re-read your class notes aloud to memorize them better; create flashcards or draw a table/graph; make summaries of your readings in your own words (as if you explain it to someone else). The essential thing is to find the method that works for you. It may take some time to find the suitable technique, but it is worth it.

Give Yourself Breaks

It is very important to give yourself a rest between each period of study. Between two study sessions, walk for some time to oxygenate your brain. Take a snack, listen to music, stretch out, simply change your state of mind. But this is not the time to start watching an episode of your favorite TV show. The goal is not to demotivate you to return to the study mode or to completely distract yourself, but to simply give your brain some necessary rest to continue studying later.

Take It Easy

Girl Meditate

There is no benefit from stress. You are not the first person who has to pass exams, and stress can only lead to bad results. Yes, studying in the university is important, but your physical and mental health is just as important, and even more. Do not ignore your health and happiness as many people often do. Get ready in advance, so you will not be in a hurry before the exams.

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