Pass Your Exams Successfully with Effective Techniques. Part 2

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Have a Clear Vision of Your Future

What is your plan? Not that one of your parents, but yours. It is essential because depending on your plan, you can establish a strategy. Many failures are caused by the problem of orientation, so it is very important to have a vision of your future life. If you are planning to buy a college paper, read several sections of an important subject or practice in oral answers – do not delay these aspirations.

Set Milestones

Some disappointments and tasks seem especially insurmountable at first. Each small step will allow you to get closer to your dream, and setting these steps will help you not to get discouraged by the amount of work ahead.

Plan Your Time

Plan your day starting with the big rocks, the most complex tasks, and also plan the distractions once you have completed the main goals of the day. To stay on track, do not forget to take breaks and reward yourself once the goals of your "to do list" are achieved. For example, solve all the questions with the current tasks that prevent you from preparing. Entrust them to the professional writers from

Control Your Emotions

For many students, stress arises from the fear of failure. These emotions can turn into exhaustion, resulting in different diseases, such as insomnia, flu, or even a nervous breakdown.

You should start by identifying the situation that is the cause of your stress, and after that just ask yourself: "What is the worst thing that could happen to me in this situation?" Not much, finally: okay, you fail this exam, but it is not the end of the world and besides, you will have a good chance of making up for that bad grade by others and getting, in the end, the average grade. Taking this, relax and think about the subject and nothing more on the day of the exam.

Manage Your Failures

Quotes About Failure

"The greatest talent is not to fall, but to rise after each fall," – Confucius said. In case of failure, direct all your thoughts and efforts towards finding a solution instead of wasting energy and feeling guilty. Too many students faced with failures begin to be prostrate but the successful ones only stay frustrated for a very short time and look for a solution right after that. Tell yourself that behind every pain, there will be good results and that anything that does not kill you will make you stronger. Even if it is about an unsuccessful essay writing.

Method and Motivation

To pass exams, you have to like the M&M's, meaning method and motivation. And by the method, you can try making cards that summarize the main information and use mnemonic techniques to make it a real memory asset.

Another important factor is motivation: we only remember what we love, and generally, we like the subjects where we have only good grades. Based on this principle, you have to motivate yourself even more for the subjects where you feel less comfortable. If you immerse yourself in a topic with passion, then you will remember and restore it better and will have good results. This makes it possible to associate a positive image with these materials.

Know the Evaluation Grids

Knowing what is expected of you in terms of knowledge and skills will help you see what should you work on to anticipate the issues. In the exam, there is a part of the strategy because you have to convince the examiner. In addition, you can read the specialized and professional press, because the subjects of exams, especially in writing, are often closely related to the current events. In addition to providing you with information about possible topics, reading the professional and specialized press can enrich your knowledge, confirm that you are curious and that you already have professional skills.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Balanced Diet

Any exam is similar to a sports marathon. If you come without energy, then you will not be concentrated and will not reach the end. So, it is important to eat and sleep well, especially in the last days before the tests or exams. The diet and sleep can provide energy in addition to allowing the brain to recover and record all the information acquired during the day. Teachers also advise refreshing the mind during different sports activities.

Understand What Is Expected of You

In the university, you can be asked to use your knowledge to analyze a situation which means that you must first understand what is asked on the subject. Before you start, take a few minutes to review the terms used and the technical tools required and organize your reflection.

Choose Only Important Information

Whether in a written or verbal form, students tend to put too much information in their answer, which is detrimental to the clarity of the subject. Do not get confused: the best thing is to select the essential information, especially for the oral exam, because the examiner will not hesitate to ask questions to clarify certain points.

Put Yourself in the Examiner’s Situation

Student and Professor

Imagine that you are an examiner of the oral exam and that you see a student who does not say hello, does not smile and speaks very quietly. This student may be you! Often scared students forget the essential things because of the stress, but the first impression is decisive. Remember that examiners are people who can be tired, tense, and you have to convince them.

Rely on Your Strengths

Even if it is better to be at your best everywhere, it may be more convenient for you to write, speak or read the parts. In this case, give priority to your strengths, which will give you confidence for the rest and allow you to compensate for your weaknesses. For example, if it is difficult for you to speak to your audience, take care of your written material and read a little at first. 

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