Homework Procrastination: Handling the Issue

Concentration on work

The hardest part of doing a job is to start it. When we start doing homework, our brain, first of all, thinks about the most uncertain and complicated part of the task. That is why it seems to be very difficult. In such a moment we are easily distracted by outside noise, phone calls, messages, the internet, etc. In a nutshell, we do not feel ready enough for work. We have a lack of motivation. We waste minutes, hours, days, even weeks, but nothing changes, we do not become ready. There is bad news. If we keep on waiting, nothing is going to happen.


A good start is eighty percent of work. Our brain remembers interrupted actions better than finished ones. In other words, if we have started doing something, it will leave us with a feeling of discomfort until we are done. For this reason, we try to concentrate on the started work to complete it. Remember TV series. Often, every episode ends on the most intriguing moment and, for that, stays in our mind. After finishing homework or any other work, we tend to realize it was not as hard as we thought it would be. Let us take a look at the tools that help to start acting.

Rule of 5 Seconds

The rule of 5 Seconds was invented by Mel Robbins, a television and motivational speaker. The rule is very simple. Every time we face a fear to do an action, we should count from five to zero and make the first step.

In childhood, when we were counting backward, in the end, something always happened. Probably it works according to the same mental principle. It is important to count from five to zero because in this case zero is the last figure and the count inevitably stops. It is not necessary to count from five: it could be three or seven or any other number. We need to choose the most comfortable starting point, leaning on our personal feelings. If you like this method, you can find other ideas of Mel Robbins on the Internet.

However, it is also possible to make a step in a bit other direction. For example, count from 5 to zero and then go to the essay writing service. Anyway, a good decision will come after the countdown.

Catch the Flow

If doing the homework is very challenging for you, try to make a plan of three simple items. Promise yourself to finish the work if you are not interested in doing more after having completed three items. It is very likely that you will catch the flow and do more than you have planned, as the most difficult part is to start. As it is known, interest and inspiration come during the working process.

Artificial Deadline

Another good way to avoid procrastination when doing homework is to create an artificial deadline. Ask someone who you respect to give feedback on your homework. Set a date when you should accomplish it. In such conditions, new obligations will push you to act. Estimate the workload wisely. Do not set the deadline for too soon and make sure it is possible to do but without wasting your time as well.

Break down the Assignment into Smaller Steps

This little trick will make your homework seem more manageable. For instance, if you have to write a profound research about the consequences of World War II, just break it down into the following steps:

  • Read the paragraphs in the textbook on that topic
  • Do own online research
  • Sort all the information
  • Create an outline
  • Fill in each paragraph of the outline with detailed information
  • Edit and proofread the essay

So, try out all of the ways of getting rid of procrastination and choose the one that works perfectly for you.

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