How Can a Student Build a Solid Network?

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Approaching a person at a meeting or a party because you want to communicate, socialize, and get their contacts (because you know for sure that this person will be useful in the future) is a dangerous move. If you`ve ever watched wildlife documentaries where a TV-presenter is approaching a predator or a poisonous reptile, it`s practically the same thing. You need to seem friendly and harmless if you don`t want to get eaten up alive by your own anxiety. There are crazy people who say that meeting some new pals is fun. Oh, these are just extraverts, total weirdos. However, whether you like it or not, you`ll still have to build a network while being a student.

Because once you graduate and start looking for a highly-paid job, pulling a few strings and reaching out to some people on your contact list will help a lot. Well, that`s a lie. Not about networking, it`s absolutely crucial for your career but about the highly-paid job right after graduation. It’s not a land of unicorns you live in, so stay realistic here. You have to be patient and hard-working. In fact, this can also be a way of network building even if you`re doing practically nothing. It`s a passive type and your responsible attitude towards work may pay off if people will be talking about your skills.

But there is a chance that it won`t get you too far. If you`re an introvert, we`re truly sorry for bringing it down to you but an active way of building a network like meeting new people, engaging in a small talk, presenting your talents and skills in the subtlest way during a conversation, and, perhaps, even flirting a bit sometimes will definitely bring you closer to your dream job.

If you`re still skeptical about this and you prefer a good old way of sending a resume and going to a job interview and then wait and wait till they “call you back”, let`s take a look at the official LinkedIn statistics. Recently, a social survey has reported that 85% of people became employed thanks to networking. Don`t you think that`s a rather persuasive number?

So, get prepared to become the most social, approachable, appealing, and friendly person on this planet. You know, they say, “fake it till you make it”. So, even misanthropes can pull it off. This whole network building process can be rather exhausting and time-consuming and there is a chance you may fall behind on your grades while hunting down influential people. Don`t worry, we`ve already taken care of this and have found the best college homework help for you. Turn on your charismatic mode and let`s get started.

Those Messages May Get Warmer with Time

This commercial era we live in may drive people crazy with piles and mountains of advertising information that they are throwing at us on a daily basis. In fact, it may even drive you crazy when you receive tons of letters with various propositions, discounts or information about new supermarket opening. Nevertheless, you shouldn`t hesitate before writing a cold-email to a company of your dreams or to one particular person.

Firstly, if it`s your personal e-mail address, there is a chance it won`t end up in spam. Secondly, always fill out a subject line because according to statistics, people pay 50% more attention to letters with a subject. Thirdly, make it short and clear. For example, you are eager to work at “Microsoft” or “Google”. Let`s go big! Don`t write huge passages about your personal qualities or hobbies and, please, stop with all that “responsible and punctual” nonsense. Find a more creative approach. Upload a video or at least a presentation that will give a potential employer an impression of your skills. Even if they`re not looking for a person like you now, there is a huge possibility that an HR will remember about you when they have a suitable opening.

A few last tips on cold-mailing. Always be respectful and sincere. Your intentions have to look genuine and enthusiastic. Don`t be afraid to reach out to your role models even if they are huge people in the industry.

There Is a Reason to Attend Classes

Well, there is always a reason to attend classes. That`s why you entered a college in the first place and that`s why you`re paying all that money with tears in your eyes. Classes are a great opportunity not only to grow professionally and acquire new useful skills but to talk to the smartest people in the field. These are your professors. In most cases, they are incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to talking about their field of study and if they see that you`re genuinely interested and you want to multiply your knowledge, they`ll provide you with a bunch of incredible tips.

What you always need to keep in mind is that companies and brands often reach out to colleges and universities if they`re looking for interns or employers. It`s especially common in IT-industry. So, your professor can recommend you. Besides, many graduates keep in touch with their teachers after leaving the university, so if there is a chance to meet some bigwigs of international firms, you`d rather hold on to it. And professor will be even more willing to help you if you achieve a great academic success. This will prove that you`re a student with a serious attitude towards this field of study.

Find Time for Clubs

I know that you can always find time for clubs but we mean those which give you an opportunity to meet many amazing and talented people and exchange your contacts with them, not those clubs where you`ll have to pay $50 for one shot. What is a better time for talking to great professionals and learn from them rather than college? The older you are, the less social you become. This is just a natural process of selection. Not like Darwin-type but it`s you who`re becoming more selective when it comes to the folks who surround you.

So, attending open lectures with interesting people, getting engaged in extra-curricular activities, and participating in discussions at various campus clubs is a good way to build your network ahead of a career. How are you even supposed to pull it off if you can barely cope with your current homework overload? Don`t worry, a special reputable website with tons of cheap essays will always provide the best help with all those assignments.

Your Friends May Be As Clueless As You`re But Still

Use your personal contacts in order to find more interesting people. Perhaps, you haven`t even tried it and that`s why you think that this idea is doomed to failure. Your friends are the same age as you`re and they are also students but don`t underestimate their range of social contacts. They attend parties, exhibitions, presentations or they even attend those 9 a.m. lectures that you`re reluctant to even get out of bed for.

In fact, it often happens that a personal network is even more effective than a professional one. You just have a closer bond with your friends and they`ll definitely show more enthusiasm for helping you out.

The Good Old Classics

The internship! I know, this word can break you into tears because it was incredibly hard to find a decent company and work there for free (in most cases). But you need to pull yourself together and use this opportunity in every single way possible. Show that you`re genuinely interested in this work, be patient and approachable. People like when others are smiley and happy. Unfortunately, that`s why we always need to wear fake masks in public, but this a way to make a good impression so that emotional struggle is supposed to worth it.

Don`t get carried away with an idea of going big with your first job or internship. Brad Pitt was promoting a fast-food chain wearing a chicken costume back in his non-famous days and Madonna worked at “Dunkin Donuts”. So, absolutely every job has its opportunities, you just need to see them.

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