Disastrous Students’ Mornings: Can You Make Them Tolerable?

Monday Morning

Somewhere in the parallel universe a person just like you wake up on a Monday morning with a smiley face and a happy mood, gets everything done, comes to university, and has the best time ever. I wonder if Hollywood could make another sci-fi movie based on this plot. This sounds like the most unrealistic morning ever!

Psychologists, however, claim that people’s disappointment with the beginning of the week lies somewhere in their subconsciousness. That’s why Monday seems much worse than it actually is. Everywhere on Instagram, you can see pictures of huge jars of coffee with a hashtag “Monday morning” and a sad emoji. A very sad emoji.

TV-shows also teach us that moodiness and lack of self-organization is a natural pattern of behavior at that vicious time of the day and week. It’s hard to disagree with the opinion of professionals, however, it doesn’t mean that we’ll hate Monday mornings less because of this. The loathing that has been growing and spreading in our hearts since our very first day at school won’t just disappear. It has been in social culture for centuries, and there’s little we can do about it.

It would be absolutely perfect if a Monday morning could be just canceled. Or we could get some paycheck bonus if we came to work or university on time. Unfortunately, dreaming won’t help here. Just in case you get as high on the career ladder as to the United Nations headquarters and implement a regulation which would consider Monday mornings to be inhumane. Perhaps that will help.

Anyway, whining isn’t what we’re going to do right now. Your reliable homework doer has a better idea. Even several better ideas.

So, what can help you go through this disastrous period with minimal sanity loss?

A Glass of Lemon Water

Doesn’t sound like an unbelievable suggestion, does it? A friend of yours or just hundreds of other websites might have recommended it to you.

If you were skeptical about this method of waking up your mind and body, then please stop being such a doubting Thomas. That mistrustful facial expression just doesn’t bring out your eyes.

Any doctor will tell you that this is a good idea. Firstly, it wakes up your body, prepares your digestive system for work. Secondly, if you turn it into a habit, it will become a psychological sign for your body that it’s time to be energetic and productive.

Room-temperature water is a great start to a day. And if you’re not a big fan of lemons, ditch them. Just don’t forget about precious H2O.

No Time for Breakfast? Wrong!

It’s hard to choose what’s worse: no breakfast at all or shoving the cold pizza leftovers down your throat while running to university? I guess we’re going to be stuck here for a while.

This is no big news, but let us remind you one more time why breakfast is such an incredibly important part of your morning routine. By the way, it’s not only about Mondays. It gives you energy, it turns on your “productivity mode” and makes you forget about hunger and concentrate on the work instead.

I don’t know what’s not to love about breakfasts? That’s the only reason I get out of the bed every day.

You know what’s the best thing you can think about before falling asleep? Think about what you’re going to eat in the morning. Thoughts about food are always pleasant. Especially if you did not eat about 2 hours before going to bed, you would love to wake up in the morning thinking about hot pancakes with cherry jam.

Do you find us convincing enough? This article will tell you about the importance of breakfast in more detail.

Am I Supposed to Find Time for Yoga Now?

Well, you can choose jogging or dancing, just any physical activity except rolling over in the bed. No, the situation when you run around the apartment trying to find your keys doesn’t count.

Actually, if you have a stressful day ahead, yoga can be a really good option. It’s a helpful activity not only for your body but for the mind as well. You can’t expect yourself to be productive if you can’t pull your head out constant stress.

Running will saturate your brain with oxygen which is good for thinking and concentrating. Just try not to think about work or study while exercising. Personally, I prefer 40-minutes of walking to get to the university. No bus or car, just your foot, eyes and Bachata music in the headphones. Believe me, rosy cheeks and great mood are as good as secured.

This Separation Will Be a Painful One

This is the tip every successful person on the planet will agree with. Go ahead, just call Bill Gates, and ask what he thinks about it. He will tell you exactly the same what we’re about to.

Ditch gadgets in the morning! They have a disastrous influence on you during the day. Try to save your morning at least. You’ll have time to go through the news on Facebook (let’s be honest, you’re more likely to look for new cute photos on Instagram).

Information overload is a condition that can get you to a dark place. We’re talking about your mental health now. When you feel too connected with the whole world all the time, you start losing the inner connection with yourself. Dive into your own thoughts instead of reading comments on Twitter. At least in the morning.

Check, Check, Check!

Everybody knows about this method of self-organization, but everybody keeps ignoring it for some reason.

Writing a to-do list won’t take much time. It will actually help you save a lot of time! Just don’t mention the deadline for a certain task if there is no necessity to do so. You’d better do the work at your usual pace. When time puts you in a frame, you feel too overwhelmed and stressed out to do anything well enough.

Dress Nicely

It is an incomplete sentence. Dress nicely yet comfortable rather than just whatever. Turn a grey Monday in college into a bright weekend. Dress like it is Friday already! Oddly enough, this trick works perfectly. So, on Monday, put on what you like and as long as you are satisfied with your sense of style other students should not matter.

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