Tell about Yourself: Tips You Should Mind

Introducing Oneself

There is an inherent part of any interview, which makes it challenging and nerve-wracking: introducing yourself. To tell about yourself you need to look at yourself from the side, and this is not an easy side. When it is easy to tell good things about your life, experience and personality, trobles begin when you come to the negative side description. Both sides are needed to make the full impression though. Here are the tips to cope with this part of an interview at a high level.

  1. Speak Concisely

    Even though it sounds weird and illogical, your story about yourself should be told within 1 minute or less. Firstly, this is necessary to keep the your employer interested, and also this aids to your being focused. If you feel nervous, you risk to tell too much and hide an important information behind the tons of odd facts.

  2. Talk About Work

    Usually we are not ready to prase ourselves. The first thing we want to do is to tell a lot about personal life, as we determine ourselves through hobbies and friends. Family issues, life aims, leisure time – these are the topics we are willing to talk on, even though this information will be useless and ineffective. Give a professional information, such as “I am a responsible, accurate, hard-working, motivated and punctual person, who can work alone as well as in a team”.

  3. You Need Numbers

    As in your resume, you should provide your employer with the exact numbers. Mention how many years you have been working in a certain field, how many clients you had, how many successful cases have happened due to your assistance etc.

  4. Set the High Standards

    When applicants are at a job interview, they try to convince that they correspond to the minimal requirements for this particular position. Remember that if you are in the job interview, you already meet the minimal requirements. Now your task is to convince that you have the better developed skills than the other applicants. Telling about yourself, set the basis and then inform your employer, what will you do: you will get new clients, will improve the safety at the working place, will aid to team building etc.

  5. Find the Correct Angle

    In case you are not quite experienced, you should find something to compensate this: skill of fast learning, ability to work with people effectively and perform a great service etc. We are young and it is necessary to show your youth as an energy and workability.

  6. A “Sandwich” Effect

    This is a technique of the information delivery. Start with the positive points (experience, education, skills), then tell about negative ones (absence of knowledge of some methods and techniques), finalize with the positive (how can you compensate the weak sides).

  7. Practice

    Record your speech and declaim it aloud. Feeling more certain, you will use less fillers in your speech. Such a lot of information can be delivered within a minute! It will also be a good idea to sit in front of mirror or record a video.

Nobody tells you that it is going to be easy, but any skill needs polishing. A 1-minute-long speech defines your future, so work on it to make it brilliant!

Recording Speech

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