Sentimental Thoughts Every Graduating Student Is Familiar with

Sad About Leaving

Studying time is the best time in your life. At this point, this statement seems so true, while even a couple of weeks ago you'd counted minutes till the end of this disaster. Now, when all the exams have passed, all the stress is over, you finally have time to think about everything and realize that this period of your life is almost over. You will never be a student again, you will never have to go through all of this again, your life will never be the same from now on. Familiar thoughts? Just remember that you are not the only one who has these feelings; here are some common sentimental thoughts every senior student experiences.

'This Is My Last...'

Every single time you go somewhere you suddenly start to think that it might be your last time doing this thing here, in your college or university. Last classes with these strange professors, the last cup of coffee at your favorite campus cafe, the last parties. Everything you do might be the last time, and surely that's sad and depressive.

'What if It Won't Get Better?'

You realize that this part of your life is over and now you clearly understand that this was one of the best periods. What if everything goes downhill from now on? What if it gets only worse and worse? Just try to keep these thoughts away from your head. You are the one who builds your life, and it will become better with the right attitude and approach!

'This Is the Best School'

Suddenly you have become so patriotic and proud of your school that you support its sports team and you are eager to tell everybody that this is the best college or university in the whole world. You now understand that everything about it is fantastic and wonderful, even those strict professors. Familiar feeling? Yes, every senior student experiences it at some point.

'OMG, What About the Bucket List?'

Most students recall it during the final week and start to check all the missing points. Of course, there is no possibility to do everything during this short period of time; that's where all the sad thoughts about failed student's bucket list usually start.

'Wasn't My First Day in College, Like, a Year Ago?'

Time passes too quickly and we only come to notice it when it's already time to leave. Only now the realization that everything has already passed and you are almost an adult has finally found its way in your head and this thought makes you feel sad and scared at the same time. Such experiences make us learn to appreciate our life and all the happy moments it brings.

'My Life Is Over'

The road ahead may seem difficult and unclear but everything will surely work out, all you have to do is to have a faith in yourself!

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