Social Media Accounts: How to Clean Them Up While Applying for a College

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In the age of social media, it’s no secret that some colleges check the potential students’ online profiles before accepting them. Your Facebook account can say more about you that your application letter so surely you have to ‘clean’ all the unnecessary info, but how to understand exactly what is needed to be deleted? Here are some useful tips for you on how to make your social media profiles look decent for a college applicant.

Positive Photos

Of course, a lot of students, especially girls, like to share all the possible pictures and statuses they can find. But please avoid doing this while applying for a college. Think 20 times before uploading any your photo or funny picture, make sure all your posts say something positive about your personality. Better don’t share your party pictures, anything else related to drinking, nudity, smoking, etc. as it may cause a negative impact on your future career. I believe everybody does some questionable things sometimes, but posting provoking photos might be a bad idea if you care about your future image. A good advice is that if you doubt whether to post a photo or nor, you probably shouldn’t. Just to be on the safe side.

Watch Your Sayings

Of course, you have to understand it without any clarifications but still, you’d better watch carefully what you say on your social media profiles. The list of prohibited subjects is pretty the same as for photos: no racism, drug usage, drinking, strict political subjects, explicit language, etc. Just remember that something that may seem funny to you may sound embarrassing for some people so you better stay clear of any bold sayings and expressions. This kind of language may harm your future reputation as people who don’t know you in person will judge you only by what they see on your profiles, so once again, better double-check all your sayings before posting them.

Don’t Forget About Your Studying

What can say more about your serious studying plans than your genuine interest in the field you are applying for. It is the perfect time for starting making your name for yourself. By posting or sharing some information related to the field you are going to study, you show other people your professionalism and serious intentions regarding the chosen subject. But don’t overdo it, you don’t have to join every group you have found and share every related post you see as it may show you as a light-headed person instead.

Reduce Your ‘Friends’ List

Of course, in high school it was cool to have hundreds or even thousands of people befriended, but it won’t bring you any benefits in your college life. College is the right time for starting to maintain the right connections and create new opportunities for yourself and it can be more difficult to build any valid connections when you have too many ‘friends’ on your list. So why not to start everything from scratch and cut down the people you possibly even don’t know from your life?

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