Falling in Love with Yourself and How to Do It So to Become a Better Person

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It’s so easy to blame yourself for all the possible mistakes even when the fault is really not yours, like in cases with appearance for example. But by doing this we forget that other people’s attitude toward us depends on our own. So whether it was a heartbreak, a rejection from the college of your dreams, or just a random feeling of sadness and uncertainty with yourself, learning to love yourself for being what you are can be the best solution to all these issues. Learning to love yourself is not an easy target, but here are some tips for you to do this and change your life completely:


Yoga is a great way to keep your body fit and your mind clean. It combines physical exercises with breathing practices, and meditation, thus, it will not only help you to clean your head from the unnecessary thoughts but gain a great body also! The first step to falling in love with yourself is to take a break and concentrate on your thoughts, your attitude, and your lifestyle so to get to know what needs to be improved. Yoga can be the ideal solution to have some “me-time” away from all the daily problems and business.

Cook Something for Yourself

Find an interesting and easy recipe and try out your cooking abilities while you have time for this. Summer is a perfect period for achieving new skills, and cooking can be the best variant. Besides having something yummy to eat, you will feel proud and great about your new awesome achievement! Just try to avoid junk food and prepare something healthy instead. You can find a lot of interesting suggestions of easy-to-make nutritious snacks – do some research and get started! This skill will totally be useful once you are back to college again.

Remember the Happy Moments

Keeping everything that makes you happy remembered and recorded emphasizes the great things in life. So buy a cute notebook or decorate a small jar and, every evening, before going to bed, remember and write down one moment that brought a smile to your face. Every time you feel that you need a cheer up-pull out and read some of the notes. It will remind you that even a small thing can make us happy and how great it is to be yourself! You can even write down the moments when you were proud or satisfied with yourself, this way you will see that you have a lot of great qualities which should be appreciated.

Make Something with your Own Hands

Picture Collage

Whether it is a collage of photos or an oil painting, make sure it’s made by yourself. Creating something with your own hands is a great way to feel good, proud, and accomplished with yourself. It’s also a fantastic tip to get distracted from all the possible problems you may be facing.

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