Writing About Pets: Add Some Spices


We all love our pets and enjoy spending time with them, but writing about pets may seem very boring and trivial sometimes. What can help you to write a brilliant essay in this case? Let’s figure this out.

They Are Special

Obviously, your pet is special and your main task is to explain why. Try to recollect some funny habits of your beloved cat or dog; do not forget about stories that made you laugh. It wouldn’t be out of place to demonstrate your sense of humor here.

Create a Story

If you cannot remember any suitable story, try to make it up. Just imagine your pets in such a situation when they can be pictured as close to the topic as possible. Here you are free to create anything you want, but within reasonable bounds, of course.

Pig and cat

Imagine a Conversation

Surely, almost everyone wants to talk to their pets. Just remember the movies and cartoons with talking animals. It’s so tempting to imagine yourself talking to your dearest friend! Here you have no restrictions, just visualize this conversation and add it to your writing. It will definitely make your paper creative.

Switch Places

What would you do if you were a pet? Picture yourself as your cat, dog or fish and try to write about the things you would do in this case and what would your host do. Such approach will definitely help you to compose a unique paper.

Your Favorite Character

What should you write about if you don’t have a pet? In spite of this fact you can dream up about your favorite character from a cartoon or a movie. Imagine they come to life and become your pet. It’s much easier to describe an animal (even if it is a wild animal and it cannot be domesticated in a real life) you are acquainted with, although you only watched a film with it as a character. Do not be afraid of very odd and unusual creatures. The stranger it is, the more creative it becomes.

Better than Reality

You always wanted a dog, but your parents didn’t allow you to have one? Now you can do without them. Write about a pet of your dream. What would it be, how would it look like, how would you treat it? Just answer these simple questions and you will have a full picture of your life with a new pet.

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