Moving Internship Past the Stage of Making Coffee and Copies

Making Copies

It is not a secret that trips from the local coffee shop to Xerox are often an inevitable part of duties of the majority of interns. And sometimes bosses are completely okay with it and don’t hurry to give the students other more significant assignments. Just remember that it’s not normal and if you want to gain some work-related experience you’d better do something about it. Here are some good tips on how to move your internship to the next level:

Talk About It

You may be sure in your skills and knowledge but if you don’t ask to take part in doing more significant assignments, your supervisor may assume you are totally okay with the job you currently have. Don’t be afraid to talk and show that you are capable of handling something bigger than making copies and coffee. Offer to do something you are 100% sure you can perform perfectly. Such as, if you are proficient in any type of software, offer to complete a small project in order to show and prove it. Your supervisor will see that you are capable and responsible and won’t be afraid to sign you some interesting tasks.

Reach Out to Other Departments

You may volunteer to do something in other departments, but make sure to talk to your supervisor about it beforehand. Tell him (or her) that you have taken some management courses back in college and are interested in helping out in that department if it can be organized. Don’t forget to mention that the work you are assigned to do here surely comes first and you will get everything done before going to the other department. Who knows, maybe you will find your true calling in a completely different sphere.



Collaboration with colleagues is extremely important for every intern. Try to build a good relationship with your coworkers by having shared meals and holding friendly conversations. Don’t be too shy to be the person who say ‘hello’ first and your network will build naturally. By having a good relationship with the people from your office, you assure that they will provide at least emotional support at work. And that will be a big bonus for your future career!

Improve Your Knowledge

If you still have some free time during the working days, spend it on developing your skills and deepening your knowledge. You may start with observing what is crucial at your workplace and then start to improve that skill. Read some tutorials, try online lectures or YouTube lessons, etc. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity for you as you can have so many people to ask for a piece of advice in case of any problems. Besides, your supervisor won’t mind as he (or she) will see you are doing your best to take the most from your internship. With a little effort and courage from your side, you can easily turn any internship into something useful and productive and make sure your time is not wasted.

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