Presents for Family While You Are in College

Wrapped Present

One of the most serious changes of college can be leaving your family and friends behind in your hometown. Not everyone is great at maintaining long distance relationship, and messages and calls will tend to get fewer as time goes by. Before, it was impossible to miss a birthday or a wedding, but now you are stuck to the college schedule. Do not worry, as there are many ways to share the celebrations with your loved once even if you are miles away.

Gifting Experience

Now that the material life is more accessible, it becomes more and more popular to gift experiences as presents. Instead of a boring kettle or new microwave, you can deliver your mom a gift card for an out of the world experience of bungee jumping or paragliding. There is no limit to such presents, as you could choose excursions, spas, wine tasting, horse riding or even make your target choose what they would like to experience themselves, from a handy catalog. A material present might break or wither, but warm memories will stay with a person forever.

Skype Call

Even if you are super busy, make sure to at least call your loved ones. Video chatting has become accessible, and you will really make a difference by pronouncing a few gentle words of congratulations by yourself. Especially if you are concerned with a present for someone from an older generation, like your grandpa, even seeing your face on skype can brighten their mood.

Flower and Fruit Delivery

With the possibilities of the modern world, you could deliver a whole cow to the front porch of your relatives’ home with just one click. From books to clothes, the possibilities are endless, but if you are really at a loss of what to buy for someone who seems to have everything, try with an elegant gift such as a bouquet of flowers or a basket of fruit. The beautiful and classy arrangement will surely guarantee to put a smile on their faces.

Fruit Basket

Gift by Mail

If you want to be a little bit more old fashioned in your choice of present, you could still rely on the common mail delivery system. Make something handcrafted. Compiling a photo album, knitting a pair of socks, even a handmade card could turn into a stunning gift if you really put your heart and soul into making it well. And you could always pay for the postman to deliver it right on time to be the cherry on top of the cake of celebrations.

Record a Video

A great way to be personal and show support for all the people in someone’s life is to record a group video. In order to make it well, you need to plan the whole thing in advance. Ask the closest friends and family to record themselves while saying a brief message of congratulations to your addressee, and then assemble it into a video they will be able to watch again and again whenever they want.

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